These Cats Are All Of Us After Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day’s three-day sleep-drink-repeat fest has offered Mondays off since 1894. You partied like a rockstar (and ugh, you felt it) all weekend because it’s probably the last time you could rock out in your bikini at the beach until next summer. But now it’s Tuesday. It’s time to get back to work. Happy day after Labor Day — one of the most dreaded of all work days. How’s your fucking hangover? Here’s all of us this morning as we adjust to working after the glorious long ass weekend. Happy Fucking Tuesday.

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You when your alarm goes off.

giphy (6)

Make. It. Stop.

How you feel when you somehow get your sorry ass out of bed. (1)

I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna.

You and your significant other as you fight for who gets the last bagel.

giphy (2)

Don’t come near me, asshole.

You finally get to work after a tough fucking commute.

giphy (8)

That was ALL the energy I had. Now I’m just gonna sit here.

You check your email and realize it will take you all week to catch up.

giphy (10)

Oh my god, what do all these people want from me?

Finally lunch. But then you remember that you packed tuna, and there’s no fucking way you can eat that shit. (2)


The Tylenol finally kicks in so you pretend like you’re doing your fucking job.

giphy (7)

Doot doot doot. Pressing keys, pressing keys, pressing keys…

5:00! You made it through the day! Celebrate that shit.

giphy (11)

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