15 Pictures That Prove You’re Not The Only One With Anxiety

There are times when we all feel an impeding sense of doom or we overanalyze every text we see and word we hear. Most people can shrug it off and continue about their day, but for those who suffer with anxiety even the smallest thought can cause big problems. From panic attacks to heart palpitations, anxiety can be a total menace and really run you down. However you cope is up to you, but here are 15 pictures that prove you’re not alone in this battle.

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1. You know *exactly* what anxiety feels like.

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The symptoms and struggles of anxiety can prove hard to explain to those who don’t have it.

2. And you think panic attacks are sort of like working out, right?

image45 15 Pictures That Prove Youre Not The Only One With AnxietyTougher Than Twomurs

The way panic attacks can make our heart race and our body sweat is similar to the feeling of a brutal workout.

3. Sometimes your thoughts are racing…

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There are various stages of a panic attack from feeling breathless to thinking you’re having a heart attack.

4. But you feel pretty normal, otherwise.

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No matter how you may feel in the midst of a panic attack or the thoughts that may overwhelm your brain, you’re still getting through it.

5. And then you overthink everything.

feye151007 15 Pictures That Prove Youre Not The Only One With Anxiety      Gemma Correll

We can be our own worst enemies, overanalyzing and overthinking everything, including ourselves.

6. You could be an anxiety super-hero.

now im a superhero 15 Pictures That Prove Youre Not The Only One With Anxiety Natalie Dee

Even the worst outcomes to every situation seems the most plausible when you have anxiety.

7. Because the anxiety is always there, waiting for you.

tumblr_o8nysohC7w1qksquzo1_1280.jpgBeth Evans

Anxiety is something that can creep up and stay, even in the most mundane of situations. 

8. And that can make you feel trapped.

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Even when we try to fight anxiety, sometimes we can feel a little trapped.

9. But sometimes you just want to fight back.


Just because it may feel like anxiety is going to last forever doesn’t mean it will.

10. And sometimes anxiety causes social issues.

tumblr_mqud5cAyRw1s15trho1_1280.pngClaire Jarvis

Turning to friends and family can really help, but sometimes anxiety can convince us we’re a problem or nobody likes us.

11. But every once in a while you feel like you’ve won.


When you have anxiety it’s important to take comfort in the small victories, even if they seem silly. Congratulate yourself for doing laundry or making the bed.

12. And you get back at it.

il_570xN.985941584_ckja.jpg                     Etsy

When you’re feeling angry at your anxiety just tell it to get lost.

13. In fact, sometimes you crush it.

il_570xN.1064928097_czk7.jpg                     Etsy

Despite all of the bad thoughts and even on our worst days, we can crush anxiety, in our own time.

14. You know it’s all cyclical.

HdNcMXJ.png Reddit

Friends and family may tell you just to calm down, but that doesn’t always work. You could need more help or you just can’t help it.

15. And there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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Every day is a new beginning and though there might be panic attacks, anxious moments or bad times, there’s a beam of sunshine to be found. Celebrate the small victories, the good moments and know that you’ll get through it.

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