5 First Romantic Date Ideas (That Won’t Scare Them Away)

I’ve always found first dates to be a lot like a job interview in the sense that they’re necessary, but also a total pain in the balls.

When you first meet someone you want to know their hobbies, interests, hopes, and dreams, but you also want to be able to woo them in a setting that isn’t just your local dive bar. Having said that, since this is 2016 and technology has arguably turned us all into sociopaths who believe romance to be dead, it can be difficult to woo someone by taking them on an exciting date without having them take out a restraining order against you.

In the hopes of saving your love life and upping your first-date beyond just dinner or drinks, I’ve compiled 5 romantic date ideas that won’t horrify your date into never speaking to you again. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Visiting a farmers market

The perfect, relaxed setting to stroll with a date. You’re able to talk without running out of things to discuss, and it’s active enough to keep the mood light and fun. Also, is there anything more romantic than showing your date you’re involved in the community? Most farme’s markets also host food trucks or have coffee stands, which provides ample opportunity to sit down and enjoy each other’s company after your feet get tired.

2. Having a picnic on the beach.

Dinner and a view! The picnic is romantic enough to show interest, and will allow you to show off your culinary prowess while the beach keeps the date from seeming too intense. Afterwards take a walk along the beach and hold hands as the water washes over your feet.

3. Walking through the mall (before the movie starts).

Clearly I am a big fan of walking, but the mall is a great setting to talk about shared interests (assuming you’re in a suburban area). Since malls are full of food, items, and other shoppers to people watch, it is ideal for getting to know each other more. Afterwards, stop in for a movie and get in some hand-holding action.

4. Visiting an animal shelter.

Is there anything more romantic than showing your date how much you love animals? Shelters are a great first date option because you’re able to share stories of your childhood pets while you get to know each other, plus you’ll be able to pet cats and puppies. Before you suggest this date idea, though, make sure your date isn’t allergic!

5. Starting a DIY project together.

Even if this doesn’t seem like the most romantic date unless you’re very into DIY, the reality is that building something together bonds people. Even something as simple as going to Paint-A-Pot allows the two of you to get to know each other while showing off your creativity. Plus, if the date ends up sucking at least you will have gotten a great craft from it!

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