Channing Tatum And A Horde Of Male Strippers Are Pushing For Equal Opportunity Objectification

Watching Ellen Degeneres’ daytime talkshow is all well and good, but sometimes, as a lady, you just need an extra dose of eye candy to get through the afternoon.

On Monday, during the season 14 premiere of The Ellen Degeneres Show (which, by the way, holy shit, this show is old), special guest Channing Tatum decided to turn up the heat by bringing his harem of handsome men (also known as the cast members of “Magic Mike Live”) to dance for the female audience members.

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Everything started out innocently enough, with one chosen audience member receiving a special lap-dance from one of the strippers. However, the shirtless free-for-all soon reached a fever pitch when a multitude of strippers dressed as audience members began to dance and disrobe.

The audience members, needless to say, were undeniably pleased by the unexpected “preview” for the show, which premieres at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in 2017.

The show will probably make all the money in the world, as strippers clearly appeal to all ages — this older audience member was stoked about the impromptu sausage fest, while the young girl behind her was clearly having her own, confused sexual awakening.

screen shot 2016 09 07 at 9 58 44 am Channing Tatum And A Horde Of Male Strippers Are Pushing For Equal Opportunity Objectification

Tatum explained to Ellen that the Las Vegas show was really created with (who else?) women in mind. “We just thought, let’s go make something cool, let’s go make something really for you guys. Hopefully we’re going to be able to do that.”

He also hopes that “Magic Mike Live!” will be “women empowering … you know, equal opportunity objectification for everyone.”

I can’t speak for all women, but if equal opportunity objectification means male strippers randomly showing up on my television screen, then this show has just recruited a fervent supporter.

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