12 Lingerie Brands That Kick Victoria’s Secret’s Ass

When you’re wandering through the mall, and you reach the Victoria’s Secret store, there’s a chance that you feel a bit torn: part of you wants to venture into the store and bury yourself in a mountain of mass-produced lacy things, and part of you sympathizes with the hordes of bored boyfriends standing outside the store and leaning against the railing.

No disrespect for Victoria’s Secret, but occasionally a lady needs a new kind of lingerie fix in order to feel like her most pampered self. Sometimes, a lady needs something with a bit more personality and (dare I say it?) bite.

The next time you find your eyes glazing over while looking at the Victoria’s Secret PINK Collection, turn to these alternative lingerie options to provide your unmentionables drawer with some fun, new additions:

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1. Naja

This brand is fairly competitive with larger lingerie companies, in terms of price, but their designs have much more personality. In addition to standard lacy fare, you’ll also find multiple shades of nude bras, a variety of patterns, and even cheeky kitten briefs.

2. Fortnight Lingerie

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This company is more expensive that standard lingerie, but the quality is unbeatable, as are the styles. Even Khloé Kardashian has been known to wear their bodysuits (if a Kardashian endorsement sweetens the deal for you).

3. Kiss Me Deadly

Inspired by fetish-wear, this lingerie line combines classic practicality with edgy sensuality. Think femme fatale meets goth princess — which is a pretty combustable combo. Even if you’re not the whip-cracking type, this line of underwear will allow you to indulge your more luxe and kinky tastes.

4. Valentine by Jonas & Brown

Pretty In Pink

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This lingerie brand is all about casual sexiness and playfulness, and they specialize in more natural fits and comfortable bralettes. But don’t worry — they’re still plenty lacy.

5. Negative Underwear

As the brand name implies, this line of lingerie is all about barely-there comfort — but that doesn’t mean fashion and sexuality are sacrificed in the process. These bras and undies are perfect for when you want to treat yourself to nice underwear that you can actually wear on a daily basis.

6. Bazsarózsa

Bazsarózsa’s design sensibilities focus on simplicity and function, with an added dose of daintiness. The subtle details in the designs mean that you not only get the benefit of comfy underwear, but you have a nice little surprise for your paramour whenever you take your clothes off.

7. Harlow & Fox

Busty girls, unite! Harlowe & Fox, a brand which specializes in old Hollywood glam, provides lingerie exclusively for sizes 30-38 DD-G. Because having support shouldn’t mean compromising style or luxury.

8. FYI by Dani Read

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FYI (short for “Fuck You Industries”) not only specializes in bras and panties, they also provide slightly kinkier options for bedroom play — such as designer harnesses, belts and handcuffs. It’s basically a one-stop shop for fulfilling both you and your partner’s fantasies.

9. Natori

Josie Natori’s Eastern-inspired underwear combines quality designs and form with beautiful and intricate details. The delicate embroidery will definitely make you feel like a secret celebrity, even when it’s hidden underneath your clothing.

10. Tallulah Love

Tallulah Love specializes in sexy, dreamy lingerie that you can actually get away with wearing underneath your clothing. There are plenty of lingerie brands that provide luxe longline bras and panties, but none that are comfortable enough to manage the crossover from day to night, and vice versa. With Tallulah Love, you won’t have to forego sexiness for a seamless silhouette.

11. Hopeless Lingerie

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Finally, your underwear set can indulge your inner goth princess without feeling so … plastic. Hopeless Lingerie specializes in quality, lacy underthings that are dark, dramatic and romantic — with a touch of kink added for effect.

12. Lucy B

u0938 2 12 Lingerie Brands That Kick Victorias Secrets Ass

If you’re personal style tends to be on the funky and cheerful end of the nostalgia spectrum, then Lucy B’s pinup-inspired lingerie will definitely satisfy your retrophilia. From high-waisted undies, to bullet bras, you’ll feel as though you’ve time-traveled to another era — while still looking super hot, obviously.

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