This Elderly Couple Had A ‘Notebook’-Inspired Photoshoot And It’s Cute AF

Relationships are tough, no secret there. It’s easy to lose faith and become cynical about finding the right one especially after you’ve had numerous romantic endeavors go down in flames. Shit, with all the left and right swiping it’s hard enough just to find someone you really enjoy spending time with.

However, there are those few diamonds in the rough, the relationships that beat all odds and last throughout the years. Those are the people that give us hope for the future. Clemma and Sterling Elmore are one of those couples and their commitment has lasted over 57 years.

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Clemma and Sterling Elmore are coming up on their 58th wedding anniversary (yes, 58 years.)

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To celebrate their longevity, the couple had the most adorable photoshoot inspired by The Notebook. Go ahead and get your tissues out, we know you’re already sniffling.

The Elmores’ photographer Stacy Welch-Christ told BuzzFeed News that the idea was suggested by a friend.

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“This was a photo shoot for Clemma and Sterling and their family,” Welch-Christ said. “It started as an idea suggested by a friend to take photos of Clemma and Sterling. I then thought the Notebook theme would fit them perfectly because they have such sweet love. It makes my heart happy to be able to give them these memories.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Clemma and Sterling were a little nervous to begin the shoot, but it quickly felt natural.

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Look at them! Can we have Notebook sequel featuring these two?

“I told them they were just to pretend they were movie stars and act like this was a movie and have fun. As soon as they walked out for that first pose, it was the most natural love I have ever photographed,” Welch-Christ told Buzzfeed. “Once we started, they were completely natural…smooching and giggling when they’d get tickled. It was the sweetest thing to watch and be a part of.”

Sterling fell in love with Emma at first sight.

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“He said the first time that he laid eyes on me that he said ‘That’s the girl I’m going to marry,’” Clemma Elmore, 76, said in Tuesday interview with ABC News.

The couple says that the secret to their success is putting God first in their lives and their marriage, working at their relationship, and respecting each other.

So, damn cute.

The photoshoot included a few Notebook-inspired props along with a personal touch.

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The Elmore’s also brought this book filled with photos from their marriage and special notes written for the occasion.

They told ABC, “We never fail to tell each other, probably 10 times a day, ‘I love you.’”

This is what couple goals are all about.

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As if they weren’t already tugging at our heart strings, Clemma confided that she was the one who proposed to Sterling almost six decades ago.

According to ABC News, the couple was listening to a man asking a woman to marry him on a radio show. Clemma then decided to repeat the question to Sterling.

“And he says ‘yes.’ And I thought ‘Oh, did he mean that?’” she said. “I didn’t want to ask him. I wanted him to ask me.”

They were married the next Saturday.

Since some of the adorable photos were posted on Welch-Christ’s Facebook last week, they’ve been shared over 47,000 times.

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The Elmore’s were beyond grateful.

“We are totally overwhelmed. It just has got us just – well, we’re just humbled by the comments,” Clemma said.

Needless to say, a real-life Allie and Noah actually exist.

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