15 People Told Us The Most Bizarre Thing They’ve Been Asked To Do In Bed

Let’s be real, people are into some pretty freaky shit when it comes to the bedroom. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, we don’t judge. Most of us have our dirty little secrets and everyone has their own turn-ons and fetishes, if you will. That being said, some of those turn-ons are significantly more bizarre than others.

We’re willing to bet that you’ve had at least one sexual experience that got a little bit too weird. Sure, someone has likely asked you to suck on their toes or choke them a little. These aren’t too out of the norm, but maybe they wanted you to, I don’t know, pee on them or fist their…ahem, well you get it.

So, we decided to ask our Berry community about the weirdest sexual requests they’ve ever gotten and the responses did not disappoint.

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1. “He wanted me to suck him off then spit his load into his mouth so that he could taste himself. I left.” – Anonymous, 31



3. “A guy wanted to put magic shell on my naked body and f*ck me in one of those big walk in freezers. No thanks.” – Anonymous, 25

4. “To pee on him then ‘hold on tight bc he’s going to cum hard enough to shoot me to the ceiling’…” – Anonymous, 23

5. “She wanted me to call her Hillary Clinton.” – Anonymous, 38



7. “She wanted me to pee inside of her..” – Anonymous, 36

8. “Put on a dildo and give it to him in the ass… maybe I’m just not freaky enough.” – Anonymous, 31

9. “Put a vibrator up his butt and lick honey off his balls…..” – Anonymous, 29



11. “To speak to him in a Russian accent, treat him like a dog, and walk him around the house on a leash.” – Anonymous, 24

12. “An ex liked to lick my armpits.” – Anonymous, 22

13. “Had a guy ask me to fist his b-hole.” – Anonymous, 32

14. “He wanted me to drink his pee while sucking him…” – Anonymous, 20


weird sex request fart in mouth 15 People Told Us The Most Bizarre Thing Theyve Been Asked To Do In Bed

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