How To Rule Online Dating Like The Warrior Queen You Are

Ah, online dating – often times it can seem like an apocalyptic war zone with no straight set of rules or standards. Do you swipe, like, or message first? How many selfies is too many selfies for your profile pics? And is that even true? From first dates, over eager creepers to serial ghosters and yes, the elusive guy or gal who totally tickles your fancy, how do you wade through it all?

It’s true, dating can be amazing. You’ll meet some interesting folks and maybe even the love of your life. Whatever the case may be, you’ll certainly have a few stories to tell and you’ll turn more than a few heads for sure. But, if you don’t know where to start, why not tap some inner-warrior queen vibes that are inside of you?

So, my darling: be totally-you, be genuine, and don’t take any B.S. Here are 5 major key tips to make sure you’ll have a blast meeting new lovers no time at all.

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1. Be the best version of yourself and not absolutely basic.
No, I’m not saying to embellish the truth or lie. But, put your best foot forward – use photos and selfies where you feel the most sexy and confident. And, fill out all the fields in your profile, including a little blurb about yourself. There’s a fine line between looking mysterious and aloof. This also extends to actual dates you go on – rock your favorite outfit (jeans and flats? a skater dress? sneakers and a button down?), but be authentically-you. After all, you want to meet someone genuine and real, too.

2. Queens go after what you want and they’re not sorry about it. Swipe right, send the first message, or ask to meet up. Whatever the call to action is, just do it. If you sit around waiting for that oh-so-perfect person to make the first move, it’s not going to happen. Make magic on your own and go for it.

3. Be direct because beating around the bush is for wimps. Did you enjoy the company of your Friday night whisky bar date? Then, let that lucky devil know. No one likes guessing games. Trying to figure out the best time to text is silly, if you feel right contacting that person, then do it. Conversely, if you met someone who was great but didn’t light up your chemistry set, let him or her know. Being strung along is also way uncool. And who knows, you might just have made a great friend instead.

4. Don’t set your expectations too high since you don’t live in a fantasy world. You’re probably going to kiss a lot of frogs. You might go on some ho-hum dates and wish you were chilling with a good Netflix doc and a glass of wine instead. Just sit back, go on the ride, and see where the journey takes you. If you’re not having a good time, you can always tastefully bow out and head home. Or, if you’re feeling the friend vibe, stay in touch and keep it platonic.

5. Don’t forget to have fun because that’s the meaning of life. Now is the time to experiment! Date outside your typical type – maybe that guy who works in tech and lives in a loft isn’t your cup of tea. Why not try it? Or, maybe you’re used to dating older. Change it up and meet someone on the lower end of your age range. You’ll never know who you’ll meet, what story you’ll have, or what kind of experience it will be.

6. Change up your date night ideas STAT. Sure, dinner and drinks on a Friday night always works. But, you should mix it up, too. How about salsa dancing on a Tuesday? Or, what about a poetry reading after work? A joint hike on a weekend afternoon? Or, check out an art gallery on a Thursday. Game changing the traditional date idea will flip your conversation and you won’t have the same boring conversations and getting to know you routine.

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