What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Since astrology maintains that our personalities are influenced by the stars, it only stands to reason that, within this philosophy, our sexual proclivities would also be affected by our place in the zodiac.

If you’re in a sexual relationship, and are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, it may be time you took your partner’s sign into consideration. If he’s an Aries, he’s probably not gonna be down for soul-melding, eye-gazing sex, just like a Cancer dude might be put off by a quickie in the car.

Take a gander at what your significant other’s sign says about their sexuality (namely, their preferences and kinks), and then consider whether or not you would be into experimenting with him.

You never know — his fetish may very well become your fetish, too.


501912455 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Aquarians tend to jibe on a tiny bit of voyeurism (perhaps its their global-mindedness). If he’s allowed to feel like a bit of a sexual interloper, his blood will definitely get pumping. Perhaps let him watch from across the room as you get busy with yourself, or undress as though you’re unaware of his presence. The best part about this kink is that it lets you feel like a Kween on display, so relax and have some fun with it.


501912457 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Pisces are ruled by the feet — and while that does NOT automatically indicate a full-on foot fetish, keeping (only) your high heels on during foreplay, or massaging his feet (if you’re comfy with that kind of thing) are definitely tricks to piquing his sexual interests.


501912461 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Taurus is a very visual sign, so anything that allows him to drink you up, visually, is a definite plus. Go all out on some sassy lingerie (here are some ideas to get you started), and then perform a little striptease for him. And if you feel a bit silly doing it, that’s totally fine — nobody said giggles are outlawed during a striptease.


501912459 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Aries guys often crave more exciting intercourse, so partaking in quickies in unusual locations will definitely spark his sexual fire. Even a quick round of car sex can satisfy his craving for more unusual sexual dalliances. Just be careful that the two of you don’t get busy in a location where you might get charged with some hefty fines (just sayin’).


501912463 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Geminis are big communicators, and known for being quite loquacious. A Gemini guy will therefore greatly appreciate a little extra *ahem* naughty communication in bed. That’s right, ladies: if you’re with a Gemini, be loud and proud with your dirty talk. If you’re not quite comfortable with full-on talking, even being slightly more vocal with your moans and exclamations can make a big difference.


501912465 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Cancers appreciate intimacy, so a lewd quickie is probably not going to cut it for him. However, that doesn’t mean you need to resort to boring ol’ missionary, either. Try the spooning position — it’ll give you plenty of intimacy, along with some actual G-spot stimulation. Bonus: you’ll already be in the perfect position for cuddling when you finish!


501912467 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Leos like to be teased just a little bit. With a Leo guy, it’s all about the long game. If you know you’ll be seeing him in the evening, try sending him salacious texts at various points in the day. The anticipation will make the evening explosive. Don’t get too outrageous in your sexting, though — let’s not forget that Leos are proud creatures, and don’t like being reminded of their kinks very often.


501912445 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

A Virgo guy’s ideal night probably involves a marathon sex session. One time just isn’t really enough to satisfy Virgo’s need for *ahem* research. Set aside an evening where neither one of you needs to get up early, and designate the entire evening to foreplay. Don’t forget to eat something, though — you’ll need all the energy you can get.


501912447 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Libras, with their love for all things beautiful, have an affinity for the natural light that accompanies morning sex. If you’re with a Libra guy, there’s a decent chance that he’ll be eager to bone once the alarm goes off (as long as he wasn’t up ridiculously late the night before, and as long as he’s not hungover). Definitely be sure to keep some breath mints on you, though — morning breath kisses are hard to love.


501912449 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Scorpios are known for their intensity. As such, race-to-the-finish-line sex is not their cup of tea. A Scorpio guy wants slow-burn sex — the kind where you get up intermittently during foreplay and go eat, or talk, or take a walk. It may sound crazy, but he’ll love relishing in the sexual tension all evening.


5019124511 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Sagittarius is all about spontaneity. For him, exciting sex is the best sex — and the most exciting sex is the surprise variety. If you’re watching TV together, perhaps lean over and start going down on him. Even better: do it while he’s playing a video game (as long as he’s not losing, in which case he may be too angry to appreciate your advances). The more you keep him on his toes, the more enamored he will be.


501912453 What His Sign Says About His Sexual Fetish

Capricorns, ruled by the teeth, are the most amenable to the idea of incorporating food into foreplay. Whether it’s feeding each other, or licking each other, adding some edibles into the mix will heighten their senses — and their sex drive. Also, adding some biting or nibbling into the mix can get a Capricorn’s engines revving as well. Just make sure that you establish from the top exactly how hard each of you are willing to be bitten (you’ll thank me later, I promise).

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