7 Ways To Boost Your Energy Level Without Caffeine

If you find yourself fading around 2 or 3 PM every workday, your brain lethargically churning and producing nothing as you yawn your way through that afternoon slump, I feel you, fam. I really do.

But before you reach for that cup of coffee, remind yourself how little it does to actually help you, or how it does help but only for twenty minutes, a mostly-solid twenty minutes before you’re crashing super-hard all over again. Remind yourself of all that, then pass on that cup of coffee. Try these things instead:

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1. Walk

Nothing will make you feel more like a drone than sitting for 9 straight hours under fluorescent lights, staring at a computer screen. Force yourself to take a break every couple of hours, not only to stretch but to take a ten-minute walk outside. The sun will lift your mood and your body will ultimately thank you.

2. Chew


Pop a little piece of chocolate or even a piece of gum in your mouth. Flavonoids and caffeine found in the former will improve your mood whereas research has shown chewing gum increases alertness.

3. Drink

Ugh, sorry, I know. Personally, I hate drinking water. It doesn’t taste like anything, which sounds totally dumb but that’s my beef and I stand by it. People chant ‘Drink Water!’ as though this tasteless liquid is the answer to all of life’s problems, but considering ~65% of your body is water, these people are unfortunately right.

Unless you consciously make sure to drink *enough* water, you’re not drinking enough water. Even mild dehydration will make you tired, so chug a glass. Feel better yet?

4. Dab

giphy19 7 Ways To Boost Your Energy Level Without Caffeine

Aromatherapy aficionados have been singing praises of lemon essential oils for decades. Not only does it relieve anxiety, it has also been proven to boost mood and energy. Dab a little bit on your temples or just underneath your nose for an easy midday pick-me-up.

5. Rebound

No, not like that. Invest in a rebounder, which is basically just a baby trampoline. Not only are the benefits overwhelming in scope and degree, (improves posture, increases endorphin levels, stimulates internal organs to detoxify, burning the same amount of calories as running on a treadmill) it’s also hella fun.

6. Eat


I know you don’t want to hear about eating breakfast, but doing so starts your metabolism for the day which ultimately keeps you more alert, for longer. Make sure you’re also consuming enough protein—it takes longer than carbs to break down, providing tissue-repairing fuel as well as a longer-lasting energy source.

If you get hungry between meals, snack.

7. Stand

Get a standing desk. If your job doesn’t provide you with one, there are a myriad of ‘add-on’ products out there designed to convert your regular desk into a standing one. According to one study, standing for just three hours a day during the workweek is the caloric-burning equivalent of running 10 marathons in one year. TEN MARATHONS! It’s also great for decreasing back pain and keeping you more energized all day long. This I can personally attest to.

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