A Dude With No Chill Bought A Girl A Drink Then Asked For His Money Back

Offering to buy a woman a drink at a bar is an incredibly misunderstood practice. Many men believe that such an offer, if accepted, automatically ensures a guaranteed bed partner for the evening, like an unspoken contract. In truth, all it guarantees is that you’ve just essentially given someone money for booze.

One guy refused to accept this truth when a girl at a bar accepted his drink-buying offer without putting out: he charged her.

Abby Fenton, an 18-year-old Biomedical Sciences student from South Yorkshire, England was out with her girlfriends when a guy allegedly named “Liam” approached her and offered to buy her a drink.

“He came up to me and he seemed okay,” Abby told The LADBible. “Then he offered to buy me a drink so I accepted then walked off to join my friends. I couldn’t tell you what I asked for, I can’t remember. I think I just asked for something with vodka in. I just remember him being tall. I literally asked nothing about him. I didn’t find him good looking, I just thought it was a free drink.”

Clearly, these two were not on the same page. Abby went home with her friends, and Liam went home alone and indignant.

Dearest Liam was clearly a bit put out over his return on investment, and managed to scrounge up Abby’s phone number. However, his intentions were not to ask Abby out again, but rather to procure financial restitution for his troubles: he actually asked Abby to reimburse him for the price of her drink.

Naturally, Abby had no choice but to share the unbelievable exchange on Twitter.

Liam is either the extreme penny-pinching sort (£6.50 comes out to about $8.65 USD), or is simply irreversibly bitter over the “injustice” of buying a lady a drink and not getting in her pants.

“Everybody has told me they find it so funny,” says Abby. “Literally all people say is that they can’t believe how cheeky it is!

Abby, to her credit, took the whole thing in stride and repaid the nominal fee to Whiny Liam. But that didn’t stop her from asking the Twitterverse for their opinions on the matter.

The overwhelming consensus: fuck that guy.

But even though the majority of her followers believe she treated Liam far too kindly in repaying her “debt,” Abby says that she doesn’t actually regret repaying the Abominable Tool Bag .

“No, I’m glad I did. I just hope that he enjoys spending his £6.50 wisely.”

Yes. Just think of all the things Liam could buy with such a bounty! A few slices of pizza, half of a movie ticket … or maybe just a book on manners, so he could learn that buying a woman a drink does not signify that she is obligated to give him sex?

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