I Tried Size 12 Jeans From 5 Different Stores

I hate trying on clothes. I hate dressing rooms. I hate the lighting, the small space and changing my clothes in public. I especially hate trying on jeans. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried in dressing rooms when I was younger because a certain size didn’t fit. 

If I were to describe my body type, I would say that I’m like a not-plastic human version of Kim Kardashian. I have a big booty and a small waist. And like most people with my body type, I also have thick thighs. So all of this makes buying jeans very difficult. Most jeans aren’t made for my body type. If they can make it over my hips and ass, then they are too big in the waist. If you asked what size I wear, I can give you three different answers. What even are sizes? Why are they all different depending on the brand? Why does everyone have to make women’s lives more difficult? 

It seems as though the fashion industry makes jeans to fit one person and the rest of us have to hunt to find the few that will accomodate our bodies. Despite my dislike for jeans shopping, trying on clothes and dressing rooms, I took one for the team and tried on 5 different jeans from 5 different stores to try to figure out if there really is a sizing conspiracy. 

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I started this shopping extravaganza wearing my favorite pair of jeans from Old Navy. These are a size 10 and are big in the waist, but beggars can’t be choosers…


1. Topshop


When I saw the pants in Topshop I knew immediately that it wasn’t going to work out very well. I decided to try the Petite Blue Hayden Jeans. I’m 5’2 on a good day and I never think to buy short or petite. I’m usually so focused on trying to get pants to fit over my ass, I forget about the length. So, I decided to try something different and it sort of backfired. The real problem with these jeans is that they had zero stretch. I need some give in order to fit pants over my butt. These were obviously a no.( And see what I’m talking about with the lighting? Why?)

2. 7 For All Mankind


I’ve heard great things about 7 For All Mankind jeans, but my post-grad budget doesn’t really leave room for dishing out $179 on jeans. Since I have little self control, I’ve avoided trying on their jeans in fear of loving them too much and then having to buy them. I went into the store and the black Slim Illusion Luxe High Waist Skinny caught my eye. I took them into the best lit dressing room I’ve ever been in and found myself in the best pair of jeans that have ever graced my body. The fit and feel of these jeans were amazing. I felt like I could do squats and backflips and they’d be just fine. I’m planning to create a special saving just for these jeans.

3. American Eagle


American Eagle have kind of always been known for their jeans, so I felt like I had to try these on. I’ve owned one pair of their jeans in middle school, so it’s been a while. I tried the short AEO Denim X Skinny Jean. Again, I wanted to see if I could find something that not only fit my width, but also my height and AEO delivered! To mu surprise, these fit like a damn dream. 

4. Forever 21


I was feeling good on the streak of good jeans and Forever 21 come in and destroyed it. You know those $7.95 jeans that are always at Forever 21? That is what these Low Rise- Ankle Skinny Jeans were. If you haven’t noticed, I love a good deal, so I took these into the dressing room praying that they fit. As you can see, they didn’t zip. Once again, they had no stretch, which made them uncomfortable and unflattering. However, I do own Forever 21 jeans in the same size that do fit. See how confusing this is? 

5. Urban Outfitters  


BDG is another brand that I’ve been wanting to try. I knew they were sold at Urban Outfitters, so I went in and tried the BDG Jefferson Pant. They had enough stretch to fit, but I didn’t end up liking the random seams that were on the leg. They were a little too tight and didn’t really flatter me. Also, this was one of the worst lightings that I encountered. Overall, I wouldn’t buy these, but I would try another pair of jeans from BDG. 

Of 5 different jeans, I liked 2 pairs or 40% of the jeans I tried. I don’t love those odds. And even though they were all the same size, 2 didn’t even zip up. So, this is a PSA that sizes are bullshit.

It really doesn’t matter if you wear a size 12 or a size two. You can probably fit into three other sizes at different stores. I’d also like to personally ask designers to be consistent. It shouldn’t have to be such a struggle to find jeans that fit.

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