13 People Open Up About Why They Quit Their Sh*tty Job

I can honestly say that the only reason I have ever left a job was because another company had more flexibility, better pay, and offered me more snacks. *shrug* I have never willingly left a job without knowing some way I was going to be getting my next check. Sure, there were jobs I’ve had in the past that made me want to quit every damn day, but I was often reminded that we’re in the recession, and jobs aren’t easy to come by so if you have one that doesn’t completely ruin you, you stick with it.

At the same time I also know that some people are intense creatures of emotion and value their mental well-being more than just taking someone else’s bullshit for the sake of a paycheck. I wanted to know what would push someone to abandon all sense of self preservation because they literally could not stand their job another second, so I asked some people I knew about what drove them over the edge when it came to quitting their job.

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1. The job was actually making him sick.

“I was so sick of coming into work and feeling like I was slowly getting an ulcer. My boss would scream at me every day over email but act fine, so when I went to the doctor and I did have an ulcer, I was like ‘I’m out.'” – Joshua, 29.

2. Sexism is never a good look for a company.

“My boss would really degrade the women in my office behind their back. One time he made a comment about someone’s ass in front of me and I had enough so I quit immediately.” – Michael, 28.

3. This ain’t the Devil Wears Prada, honey.

“I once got in trouble for bringing back my boss the wrong coffee order and he threw it in the trash right in front of me. I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” – Sarah, 27.

4. Sorry, but sometimes the customer isn’t always right.

“I was working at a restaurant and this couple was screaming at me over the bill and my manager came up and totally took their side right in front of them and comped all their meals and I was so fucking done with that situation.” – Laura, 25.

5. WTF??!?!?!

“My boss one time lost their mind and threw her vase off her desk at another employee and then turned to me and said ‘you signed an NDA’ and I knew I had to leave before I got in any deeper.” – Frank, 27.

6. Oh god, my fragile self-esteem wouldn’t be able to handle that either.

“My boss would always just make little comments like ‘nice outfit.’ or ‘great eye make-up,’ but absolutely shady, so I would go home and cry and feel horrible about myself, so I knew if I stayed I would keep feeling like shit.” – Jamie, 32.

7. Not really into being screamed at.

“My coworkers would always throw me under the bus in front of my boss for editorial mistakes and it eventually got really upsetting because my boss would scream at me in front of all of them. I didn’t feel like a team member and I knew I could find my home somewhere else.” – Christopher, 25.

8. Upper management should probably avoid hitting people.

“My manager slapped me. We were drunk and at a work event but she straight up slapped me. Why? Because she asked me to go back to her room and I told her I had a girlfriend. Sorry but unless you’re gonna give this dick a raise it’s not going in a 55-year-old vagina.” – Alex, 23.

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