Woman Said ‘Boy, Bye’ To An Arranged Marriage When The Guy Admitted To Not Liking Dogs

When any human being tells me that they’re not really “into” dogs, an alarm bell immediately goes off inside of my head, urging me to get away from this literal monster. Dogs are too pure for this Earth, and if you can’t appreciate their preciousness, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Karishma Walia, an analyst from Bengaluru, clearly shares in my somewhat polarizing viewpoint.

Karishma was in conversations with a man from New Delhi about a family-arranged marriage. However, Karishma pumped the breaks the instant she discovered that the guy in question wasn’t into dogs. More specifically, he didn’t want to own one, period.

Kind of problematic, considering Karishma’s beloved dog, Lucy.

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Who could possibly say “No, thanks” to a face like that??

Karishma gently told the guy that she and the dog were a package deal, and that the arranged marriage wasn’t going to work out if he was unable to deal with her canine companion.

The guy in question did not take too kindly to being snubbed for a pet, suggesting that Karishma “marry the dog” instead.

“My mom thought he’s an excellent match because he’s good-looking and well-off,” Walia told BuzzFeed. “There was a lot of family pressure, and they still think I did the wrong thing by raising the concern about my dog.”

“He would say things like ‘family should be a priority and not career.’ I gave up when he commented about my dog. I don’t know why my family still thinks he’s an eligible bachelor … I have been talking to him for over a week now. I spoke to him couple of times more, and he pissed me off with the way he was enforcing his decisions on me.”

It sounds like Karishma dodged a bullet by making such a decision, as her suitor’s immature response is a pretty excellent indicator of who he is as a person. While not appreciating dogs might not be enough to kick a guy out of bed, domineering and disrespectful behavior definitely warrants a prompt dismissal.

The silver lining is that Karishma has basically become every dog mom’s hero — because, honestly, isn’t asking a guy if he likes dogs essentially the litmus test for deciding whether or not he has an actual soul?

Besides, from the looks of Lucy, this pup’s probably a better snuggler than any dude every could be.

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