The Most Amazing (And Most Annoying) Things About Virgos

Virgos have always been some of my favorite people. They’re the people I rely on, the friends who teach me how to budget my savings and they’re the folks who can run an event flawlessly. They’re thinkers, they’re observers, they’re hard workers — and that’s why I like them. Because of this, they’re amazing friends — the kind of friends who are always put together and ready to help or listen (unlike — sorry — the damn Cancers or Pieces or Scorpios in my life. They’re insane. #WaterSigns).

So I asked a bunch of Virgos what they thought the best and worst qualities of their own sign are — and here it is, folks. It’s detailed and surprisingly consistent. And they all agree that their best traits are also their worst. Which is a pretty Virgo mentality, if I say so myself.

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Best: “We have good common sense and logic, analytical skills, innate ability to heal oneself and others (or give good advise about health matters), we’re loyal and devoted to those they care about.”
Worst: “Were nit-picky, perfectionists, we overanalyze everything, we’re obsessive-compulsive, and we’re cold when it comes to showing emotions.”


Best: “We’re Hermoine Granger powerhouses with everything in check.”
Worst: “We have the weight of the functionality of the world on ur shoulders.”


Best: “We are perfect!…”

Worst: “…Which is also the down side.”


Best: “Most EVERY PERSON in my life comes to me for advice and counsel because I’m a good listener and problem-solver. It is flattering, but terribly exhausting (especially when I’m still trying to figure it all out myself). And, I cannot help but care… and listen… and offer up a list of possible solutions… every damn time. Because I love everybody freely and unconditionally.”

Worst: “I’m a hot mess virgo to an embarrassing degree. I am often haunted by the pain of others. I get overly involved. I often invest far more into friendships than I should, but turn ice cold – in a snap – when I feel as though my boundaries have been disregarded one too many times. I’m allergic to people who are overly aggressive and demanding of my attention. I may love a person for years, but if I feel disrespected and as though my space has been invaded, I’ll leave them standing in the rain (and then feel guilty about it once I’m no longer annoyed). I swing from such extremes — as lovingly tiptoeing around another’s feelings to then – middle finger in the air – not giving a solitary fuck if I offend them (and later feeling bad that I didn’t give them that fuck). I love everyone unconditionally, but then again I kind of don’t like anyone. Showing up at my door unannounced is illegal (the kiss of death, in fact.) I’m outgoing, but also incredibly private. My home is my cocoon, and I’m selective with the people I invite into it.”


Best: “Very observant.”
Worst: “We offend people by coming off as cold. We’re inside our heads a lot. We’re unable to accept kindness without feeling like I “owe” something.”


Best: “Attenuation & discernment & talents for healing and teaching.”
Worst: “Tendencies to fixate and bottle up feelings; but also the fact that Virgo (the virgin) is understood by many to be prudish and uptight–methinks it’s time to reappropriate some of the Dianic badassery at the root of the archetype.”


Worst: “I hate and love that I work too much, so much that it consumes much of my life.”


Worst: “Sixth house energy of wanting to help help help, fix, heal, improve, even where it’s not welcome/effective. Oh definitely the self-critical stuff too…”


Best: “We fall in love all the time.”
Worst: “We fall in love all the time.”


Best: “It’s hard for me to understand that not everyone takes great joy in getting tiny details perfect, e.g. I am confused by my students when they don’t think that getting your works cited list to be flawless is ‘fun’.”

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