This Photographer Captured Women’s Faces During Orgasm And We’re Kind Of Into It

Have you ever wondered what your face looks like at the peak of orgasm? Of course, we’ve seen women act it out in movies and you’ve probably seen your SO’s face when he hits his highest point of pleasure, but what about your own?

Photographer Albert Pocej woke up from a dream about the female orgasm, like any male does on the regular, and was inspired to create something artistic.

Pocej wanted to do a photo series that depicted women “reaching the highest point of physical pleasure.”

Albert Pocej

After waking up from an intense dream about a female orgasming, Pocej knew he had to capture this moment through his photography.

“I dreamed about it. I simply woke up and I knew I just had to do it. So I tried to explore the female orgasm through a photography experiment,” he told Bored Panda.

While some may find this form of photography invasive, it’s also raw and original something we haven’t seen before.

Of course, finding models for this shoot was no easy task.

Albert Pocej

Pocej admits that finding models was by far the most difficult part, shocker….because who wouldn’t want someone taking pictures of them having an orgasm? After being turned down by several women and ignored by others, he was able to round up 15 women who were comfortable and able to have a real orgasm during the shoot.

“I didn’t want this project to be a cliché, I didn’t want any acting – just the real feeling as it is. Every human being is different, so are their orgasms. I wasn’t trying to make it any better as it is in life. I wanted to make those looking at these pictures to think,” said Pocej.

In order to depict real orgasms, Pocej got creative with his photography techniques.

Albert Pocej

He wanted to make sure his models were at their most comfortable (or at least as comfortable as you can be cumming on camera) so Pocej would sometimes use time lapse photography.

“All participating models have experienced real orgasms during this photo project. To reach the best results, sometimes I used time lapse photography, making a picture every second automatically while I was nowhere around – this helped the models to relax. Some of the women didn’t need it and there were moments when the shot was taken manually by me,” Pocej told Bored Panda.

Needless to say, the results are pretty powerful.

Albert Pocej
Albert Pocej
Albert Pocej
Albert Pocej

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