What Your Favorite ’00s Pop Diva Says About You

Is there anything better than early 2000s pop music? No, no, there is not. From Britney to Christina to Mandy, the early ’00s music scene was full of sugary sweet, bubblegum pop starlets, and we loved every second of it. Entire albums were devoted to dating the boy next store, dealing with crushes who didn’t like you back, and wondering whether or not prom night was really the night to do “it.” It was awesome.

Though it’s 100% possible to love Jessica (RIP, her music career) and Britney simultaneously, you obviously adored one pop sensation over all the others. Here’s what your favorite says about you.

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Team Britney

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You were probably the girl next door. Except  with a secret rebellious side that your parents didn’t know about. You were probably on the cheerleading team in high school and were totally and completely obsessed with your Wet ‘N Wild lipgloss and your dangerously low, low-rise jeans. Sometimes, at parties, you’d even apply a fake butterfly tattoo to your lower back, because you liked the attention. And because you’re pretty sure Britney rocked one of those in a music video you saw on TRL. You were sweet, down to earth, slightly boy crazy, and always down for a good time. You know, just as long as your parents wouldn’t find out about it.

Team Christina

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Own it. You were pretty much the resident bad girl of your group. You might skip class to make out under the bleachers or to smoke one of the Marlboro Lights you stole from your Aunt Carol’s secret stash. You were probably the first of your friends to go “all the way” and then acted like it was no big deal. (Even though you played “Ain’t No Other Man” on repeat for days following.) You spent much of high school grounded, but that was fine. You had a very involved plan for sneaking out after your parents went to sleep.

Team Mandy


You were sweet, hardworking, and really dedicated to both your friends and your studies. You were the kind of girl who baked cakes for your friends’ birthdays and made your boyfriend a mixed CD for your one month anniversary. In fact, you probably had the same serious boyfriend all throughout high school and maybe even college. #SerialMonogamist. Yeah, hell, you might even be married to him now! Which is awesome, because you secretly, or maybe not so secretly, would like your life to resemble a Nicholas Sparks novel. (#NeverForget A Walk to Remember.)

Team Jessica


What a tough nut you are to crack. You were probably raised in a fairly religious or strict household, and yet, you’ve had to come to terms with the fact that you have a wild streak. Your parents didn’t mind you listening to Jess, because she was the daughter of a preacher and would NOT shut up about her vow to remain a virgin until her wedding night. And yet, despite her squeaky clean image, she rocked some seriously scandalous outfits and managed to put out some pretty sexual songs (“Irresistible,” anyone?). You were a big fan of Newlyweds when it debuted but weren’t all that sad to see Nick and Jessica call it quits. After all, if Jessica didn’t have to be limited to one man, then neither do you, right?

Team Kelly

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You loved that Kelly didn’t come to fame in a traditional (aka BORING) way, because you aren’t traditional, either. In a world of Britney and Christina wannabes, you saw yourself as more of an outsider. An artist. A rebel! Maybe you were in the chorus or on the speech team. Or you rocked goth makeup or a grunge look well past the ’90s, whatever. Regardless, you love that Kelly wasn’t just famous. She’s talented. She beat other American Idol contestants to prove it, too! And you appreciated that. You opted for concerts and art shows over Friday night football games, and your senior year yearbook quote was something cheese-y and inspirational like, “I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly.”

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