Umbilical Cord Art Is The New Mom Trend We Really Could Live Without

If you thought there could be no more appalling things to do with baby goop (v. scientific term for the stuff that comes out with the baby in childbirth) than A) eat the placenta or B) make a necklace out of their dried out crusty bellybuttons, then you’d be mistaken.

Because now, new moms who probably somehow have a lot of time on their hands are making umbilical cord art. If those words aren’t enough to give you pause and force you to stop while you’re ahead, then kindly continue on to the pictures, intrepid reader.

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Here is a nice piece of umbilical cord art that spells out “love”:

Hearts, presumably for their ease of construction, are a far more popular choice:

❤ #Medicina #Cordon #Umbilical #Amor #Corazon

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What a beautiful cord keepsake this is going to be #doula#doulas##cordkeepsake #umbilicalcord#babies #baby #mommy#daddy#parents#exspecting

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Go wild with it, you know? Don’t let your umbilical cord art dreams remain dreams.

Make a nice perfect circle with it, if you dare:

Cordón umbilical #cordónumbilical #umbilicalcord #placenta

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The circle of life, if you will:

🎵The Circle of Life🎵

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Make a little pretzel out of it:

Beauty. #placentaencapsulation #umbilicalcord #pregnancy #postpartum #winnipegmoms #TheElephantCircle

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Hell, frame it why don’t ya? You already made a wave shape inside a circle! What’s one more step?

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and have got a nice box of beads and feathers lying around, turn that umbilical cord into a dreamcatcher. Then, hang it in your kitchen! People will be asking you where you got such unique decor for years to come:

A tip, for all you would-be umbilical cord artists: Sculpt the goop while it’s fresh, then dry it out by baking it a low temperature in your oven.

Long umbilical cords are so fun! "Gio" #babynames #umbilicalcord #placenta #placentaencapsulation #letsdoulathis

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Once it dries you’ve got these beautiful keepsakes to hold on to forever and pass down from generation to generation as a family heirloom:

Pro tip: dab some blood around it, for a little extra je ne sais quois:

Have a nice day 🙂

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