Jay Pharoah Looks Fine As Hell In His Shirtless Instagram

Tbh, Thursday might be our favorite day of the week. Not only are we a step closer to the weekend, but our level of thirst seems to be more accepted on this day…Thirst Trap Thursday to be exact.

This week’s nominee for thirstiest thirst trap (though we aren’t the least bit mad about it) is previous SNL cast member Jay Pharoah. You might want to take a moment here…

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Jay Pharoah has all the reasons to show off his new bod.

I mean…just look at it, LOOK at it. This delicious piece of man killed it this year, losing 40 pounds by sticking to his rigorous training and diet. Hard work never looked so damn good.

He captions the photo: “One more week till we shoot and I ain’t been this weight since I was 12!!!” 

Pharoah, whose seven-year contract was ended by SNL after just six years, flaunted his fine form right before the start of the show’s new season. Well played sir, well played.

According to LoveBScott, Jay landed a pilot at Showtime will be starring in Jamie Foxx’s ‘White Famous,’ about an African-American comedian trying to gain credibility and mainstream popularity.

We haven’t seen the last of you, Jay Thirst Trap Pharoah…


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