What Your Sign Says About Your Dating Game

The dating world is filled with mixed messages and people trying to figure one another out. Some of us are playing hard to get while others are chasing the ones running away. It can feel exhausting trying to figure out if your love is requited. I’ve spent hours interpreting texts messages from potential conquests with my friends.

What I’ve come to is this; there are no universal truths when it comes to dating. However, there are some helpful hints within the zodiac to help you decode your love interest’s behavior. Your astrological sign is significant with regard to how the object of your affection rolls in a romantic context. Here’s more below on what to expect from each sign in the dating game.

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When an Aries likes you they make it known. They will be texting you throughout the day. Aries do not like to be ignored. When they dote on you, remember that they have chosen you and only you. They are loyal rams. However, if an Aries is done with a relationship, they have officially washed their hands. Don’t try to win them back, because they have moved on.


Taurus people are naturally suspicious of new affections. When you show a Taurus you like them, they will automatically be a little hesitant. It’s not because they don’t trust you, they don’t trust anyone. They expect you to earn their confidence. The best way to convince a Taurus you have good intentions is to be honest with them. They are amazing lovers once you get them in the bedroom, because they like to take it slow.


Gemini needs to be intellectually stimulated by a potential lover. If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, don’t date a Gemini. Gemini is attracted to a lover who finds learning sexy. Gemini’s ideal date would consist of having a political debate in delicious Italian restaurant. Remember to bring your sense of humor to dinner, because Gemini loves to joke around and have a good time.


Cancers are seeking “the one.” They are serial monogamists who want to find their soulmates. They are hopeless romantics and they believe that true love is possible.  If you’re pursuing a Cancer, know they are highly intuitive and they come equipped with a bullshit detector. Don’t even think about lying to a Cancer. They can see right through you.


Leos are about impressing their potential conquests. They love to lavish gifts on a new love interest. They pay attention to what their lover’s interests are and then dote on them accordingly. Leos tend to be generous when they are first dating someone. Remember that they want to be rewarded for their generosity with copious amounts of gratitude. Your Leo lover wants to feel like a superhero. When they give you a great orgasm, let them know you’re blown away with their talents.


A Virgo may be enthralled with you, but irritated by the way you chew your food. Remember that this is part of their quirky behavior and try not to take their perfectionism personally. Virgos have excellent memories.  They’ll remember everything you said on the first date and hold you to your words. Say what you mean and be careful with those words; especially when dating a Virgo.


Libras have a tendency to dive headfirst into relationships without thinking. When they like someone, they are enthusiastic about liking them. They let their lover know how amazing they are, to the point where the other person is placed on an pedestal. This can be dangerous, because the person in question feels like they have to live up to an unattainable goal. The good news is that Libras love to be loved. They are emotionally open and honest.


Scorpios are sexy as fuck.  There is something mysterious about them. You can’t quite figure them out, but that’s what makes them fascinating. When a Scorpio lets you in on their inner-monologue, consider yourself lucky. When a Scorpio lets you into their bedroom: consider yourself extremely lucky.


Sagittarius people have relationship ADHD. They love to date people, but get easily distracted by life. The best way to keep a Sag interested is to be as weird as possible. Don’t be afraid to let your freak flag fly high. They will respect your efforts to be unique and different and they will remember you.


Capricorns (like Cancers) are seeking stable relationships. They want a lover who understands their need for routine and simplicity. Capricorns are super fucking loyal. They take relationships extremely seriously. When a Capricorn likes you, they want to know all about you so that they analyze whether or not you are a good long-term fit for them. A first date with a Capricorn feels more like a job interview.


Aquarius loves the off-beat, the quirky and the different. If you fall into those categories, then you should be dating an Aquarius. Aquarius people are extremely sexual creatures and they make it known to their potential lovers. Aquarius is adventurous in life and in the bedroom.


Pisces live in a dream land. They are hopeless romantics who love to be loved. An ideal evening in the life of a Pisces is Netflix and snuggling. Pisces is impressed with your heart rather than extravagant gestures. Be yourself, be kind and loving; this goes a long way with a Pisces.

Take it from this romance-loving Libra, we can learn much about a potential partner based on when they were born.

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