Why You Need To Host An Adult Sleepover, ASAP

After a long week of work, the last thing you want to do is go to the fucking bar, even if it is with your besties. I get it. You want to get out of your bra, not squeeze into a teeny tiny strapless thing that barely holds everything in. Screw that. Yes, you might meet the bae of your dreams (rowr), but that shit can hold. right. up. You’re gonna put on your best pajamas and stay up late and watch Netflix with Ben & Jerry. But as the night goes on, you start to miss your friends and wish you had gone out with them. You give them a call but can’t hear them over the boom boom boom of the bass, so you hang up and go to bed early, feeling sorry for yourself.

It wasn’t like this when you were young. You and your friends were inseparable –  you’d bounce back and forth between their houses and yours, bonding late into the night with them through pizza. You memorized the ins and outs of each other’s quirks, discussed boys (and girls), and dreamed of a future that looked so much more perfect than the reality of your life. Even when you go to the bar with your friends, you have fun, but you’re missing out on a true connection. Where did your friendships go wrong? Why do they feel so frail and insignificant? Why is a pint of ice cream more important than your best friends? What’s missing?

And that’s when it dawns on you. Sleepovers. Sleepovers are what brought you and your friends together, and they are what can lift your friendships back up to the superior status that they once were in your younger days.

If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s nine rocking reasons to host a grown-ass adult sleepover, ASAP.

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1. Co-ed sleepover parties. Because Mom’s not there to say no.


Co-ed sleepovers. A really brilliant idea, or a really, really awful idea?

2. Or not. Because boys are icky.


Yeah, let’s pretend I didn’t suggest that. Stick with your girlz.

3. Because when is the last time you rocked an adult onesie?


Big Feet PJs

Have you looked at the selection of adult onesies? These things are fabulous! BRB, gotta go stock my wardrobe.

4. Wine ice cream is a THING. And we need it.

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Mercer’s Dairy

And it’s way more fun to share it with your friends. #CLASSY.

5. Because watching Stranger Things alone is scary AF.


You know you want to watch the rest of the season so much, and this gives you the perfect time to do so since you won’t have to cower under the blankets by yourself.

6. Because you want to see how depraved people can get for a laugh.



Cards Against Humanity is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. There’s an unofficial expansion pack called Crabs Adjust Humidity, and it’s very offensive. Yay!

7. Because blanket forts.


And you’ll be way better at building them now that you’re all growed up.

8. Because going out sucks.


You’re tired of your friends thinking you hate them because you don’t want to go to the club. A sleepover will solve all your problems. Seriously.

9. Because adulting is hard.


Really. Hard. You’ll get to hang with your friends in the comfort of your home and finally get to truly reconnect with them.

10. Because you fucking deserve it.


Set up a Facebook event and start shopping for your onesie and wine ice cream. You won’t regret it.

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