Grammar Nazis Now Have The Option To Edit Their Friends’ Texts Thanks To iOS 10

Let’s be real, bad grammar is by far one of the most aggravating things on the planet. Yes, we’ve all had our slip ups here and there. Maybe “your” was used where there should’ve been a “you’re” (one of my biggest pet peeves tbh), but we’re human we make mistakes.

Lucky for those of us who have a minor tantrum whenever we witness grammar faux pas, the latest Apple update is here to help. Your friends will thank you later…maybe.

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Thanks to the iPhone app Grammar Snob and iOS 10’s sticker functionality, you can now correct your friends’ texts.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from severe grammar stupidity, there is finally a solution. Grammar Snob (now available in the app store for $0.99) along with the iOS 10 update, allow you to overlay corrections on top of received texts and send them back. Pure genius and slightly obnoxious all rolled into one.

The new and improved iOS 10’s sticker functionality is giving grammar nazis everywhere editing abilities they’ve always dreamt of.

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According to the app description, “You will have all the red corrections you need to fix typos or common grammar mistakes of your own or those of your friends.”

You simply tap and hold the sticker to place it over someone’s message, then send it back to them. This way they know how much you truly care about them or…they can stop texting you, either way.

John Haney, the app’s developer based out of St. Louis, has already revealed that the next update will include a correction for “Hows you”.

Though I’ve never encountered someone using “hows you”, I’m sure it will be a much needed addition to the app.

There you have it grammar perfectionists, your prayers have been answered.

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