Two Hilarious Moms Model The Medieval Undergarments They Wear Now That They’re Moms

All bow down before Kirstin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the two L.A. moms behind hysterical, too-real, mom-and-woman-centric show #IMomSoHard. They drop knowledge like DJ Khaled drops keys to success, which is to say—often and with wit.

Take, for example, their episode on lying. “Good parents lie to their kids,” they sagely say. “If I didn’t lie to my kids, I would be reading about 3-4 hours of books to them a night…hey, Dr. Seuss, does ‘red fish blue fish’ have to be a novel??”

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The duo is like Broad City meets Leslie Mann’s character in every Judd Apatow movie. The Nebraska natives break the fourth wall in a way that draws their viewer in, making her feel like a third buddy in their bare-all confessional. And with over 20 million views and 100,000 Facebook fans, the buddies keep flocking in. They explain their popularity:

Moms have a sort of shorthand with one another, where you can just say what you’re thinking and feeling without having to qualify it. Moms already know that you love your kids; that goes without saying. So we can make fun of ourselves and our lives (while still loving them) and other moms just get it.

They cover a variety of topics in each video, from the struggle of fitting into multiple pairs of Spanx (“You should see me trying to put this thing on, I have to enlist my husband and then I’m like, remember we said vows for better or worse? Well this is one of those worse”) to the pain of ‘vacationing’ with children, to periods and the terrors inherent (“logistically, if men got periods, toxic shock syndrome would be like the common cold.”)

The duo explains how they know they’ve ‘gone too far’ with certain skits: “how we know we’re being honest. If Kristin calls Jen and says, ‘Is this too much?’ it’s probably right where we want to be: being honest and vulnerable.” So, basically, nothing is off-limits, and that’s awesome because in life nothing is off-limits too.

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As the moms put it, “If we didn’t laugh about it, we’d cry. And how funny is crying? Not very.”

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