This Doctor’s “Solution” For Women Who Struggle To Orgasm Is Total Bullsh*t

When it comes to orgasms, men almost always get the better deal. We can blame nature: His orgasm is vital to reproduction, after all. But we can also blame a culture that has taught women that getting off isn’t essential for women—and it can be downright difficult. Charles Runels, who also goes by “Dr. Orgasm,” claims to want to fix that problem for women.

The Alabama-based doctor pedals something called the “O-shot.” This procedure can supposedly cure incontinence and supply desperate women with endless orgasms. The shot takes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from a patient’s own blood supply and injects it directly into a woman’s clitoris.

Although it is also not approved by the FDA, the shot has garnered a true following—20,000 women have had the procedure and 500 practitioners, trained by Runels, offer it—along with a lot of backlash. Fans say it changed their sex life for good while critics say its a placebo at best and, at worst, could introduce infection, bacteria, and other issues that were not there to begin with. Meanwhile, a recent profile of Runels in The Guardian has tongues wagging about the shot, for better or worse.

This isn’t even the first or only procedure women have been told they need to get off. Back in 2012, the “G-Shot,” made headlines. That surgical procedure—available at medical centers all over the country!—adds collagen to your G-spot, supposedly enlarging it and sending your vaginal orgasms off-the-charts.

Both of these “solutions” seem to stem from clueless dudes trying to make a dime off of women’s insecurities around sex.

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Because women don’t need a fucking medical procedure to orgasm.

While the folks behind the G-Shot and Runels are selling the idea that some of us ladies just don’t have the right anatomy or natural oomph to get off on our own, kids in France are being taught just how amazing the female body is on its own.

As of this month, French school children will get to learn about the clitoris. They’ll use the first full-size anatomical model of a clitoris in their sex ed classes. They’ll get to learn what the whole clitoris looks like. In all her vagina-wrapping, orgasm-inducing glory. She’s large, in case you are wondering. She is far more than the little nub that sticks out of the body. She looks more like a wishbone and wraps all the way around the vagina.

The model is part of a movement to really teach female sexuality and show that it is just as robust as a man’s. I hope this comes to the U.S., too.

Instead of injections, what we really need is empowerment.

Women need to stop accepting the fact that dudes might not know WTF they’re doing or might actually just not GAF about getting us off, and we’ll end up having to take matters into our own hands later on. We deserve to come just as much as they do! We need to ask for what we want. What we need. And we need to learn what that is.

You can do this by exploring your own sexuality. By touching yourself and getting to know what you like. And by telling your partner what makes you tingle, shudder, scream.

No woman should be afraid to say exactly what she wants, to move his hands, to tell him just how hard or soft she likes it.

Sure, men need to learn how to fuck us, too. They need to learn how to make us come and to prioritize our orgasms. Sex should be mutually satisfying—full stop.

But ultimately, you are responsible for your own pleasure.

If you’re faking your orgasm, or you’re afraid to say what you actually want, or you’re putting up with a dead bedroom situation, no man or doctor with a syringe full of unicorn blood is gonna get you there.

The sad truth is that women have been taught for years to hide and, even worse, be ashamed of their sexuality. But you deserve to enjoy your body, know clitoris, and have all of the orgasms it can—completely on its own—supply.

Once you figure out what you like and own it, trust me. You’re not going to need a scary shot to get your O on.

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