7 Things To Do On A Sunday Night To Make Your Monday More Bearable

We all know that sad Sunday evening feeling. The day’s activities have come and gone. Gone are the brunch mimosas and the avocado toast. The welcomed laziness of the earlier afternoon has worn off, and all that’s left to do is dread the impending Monday morning wakeup. The work week looms ahead in the distance like a black cloud of death. Okay, maybe we’re being a little dramatic, but Sunday nights are hard, okay?

However, there are things you can do to help yourself deal a little bit better. And you probably know the basic tips: Don’t stay up too late, don’t leave yourself a million things to do in the A.M., etc. But there are even simpler ways to ease the pain of that dreaded Monday alarm clock. We’re not promising an entire cure; Mondays are always going to be somewhat terrible, but with these little changes, you might be able to navigate the Monday blues just a little bit better.

1. Clean just one area in your apartment or house.

You don’t have to do an entire top-to-bottom spring clean, and you don’t even need to do it for a long time. Choose one area each Sunday that deserves some TLC. Maybe it’s your closet, or perhaps it’s that disorganized tupperware cabinet in the kitchen. (We’ve all been the woman in that commercial who literally gets attacked by her chaotic tupperware collection.) Studies have shown that clutter actually impacts your brain in a negative way; the sight of clutter demands your visual attention and hinders productivity.

2. Spend at least 30 minutes outside.

Yes, even if it’s winter. Getting outside and taking some time to get some fresh air makes you both physically and emotionally happier (it’s science.) Even if you just walk a few blocks to get a cup of coffee, that might put you in a slightly better mood than if you stayed in bed all day.

3. Do one thing that’s just for yourself.

Ask yourself this question every Sunday: What would make me happy right now? And then actually do it. It’s okay to take some time to focus on yourself on a Sunday, especially if you’re going to be focusing on other people at work all week.

4. Make a to-do list.

Bullet journals are all the rage, and for good reason. They’re eye-catching, they’re pretty, and they’re productive. Making a to-do list will help ease your work-week anxiety, and if you’re really desperate to feel better, list some things you’ve already done so you can check ’em off. We won’t tell.

5. Meal prep for the week.

Meal prepping is like any other habit – it takes dedication at first, but quickly becomes second nature. Those who routinely meal prep will swear by its ability to take the stress out of packing lunches and preparing snacks. Put on some music and take a little time out of your Sunday afternoon to rummage through your (organized) tupperware cabinet.

6. Make a crockpot dinner.

Trust us on this one – if you use your crockpot, your kitchen will smell delicious, you will feel productive, and you’ll probably have leftovers that will last all week (See number five!)

7. Watch your favorite TV show or movie.

Sundays are for Gilmore Girls binge-watching or a 100th viewing of Clueless. It’s basically written in the bible. If there’s something that will make you feel good, forget any impending stress, and might make you laugh, it’s necessary for a Sunday.

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