11 Emotional 2000s Ballads You Probably Started Your Period To

No matter how many years have gone by, we’re willing to bet that you still remember the first time you got your period. Not that it was necessarily a pleasant experience or one you enjoy thinking about because puberty is awkward AF (I honestly thought I was dying), but it’s an important stepping stone of becoming a woman.

If you were enduring this special transition in your life cerca the early 2000’s, chances are you had what we like to call the “period soundtrack.” You know what we mean, the songs you would listen to on those more emotional days when you just wanted a good cry. Yeah, we all had them and some of these songs still hit us right in the feels.

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1. Mandy Moore – “Only Hope”

Do you remember Mandy Moore being this young? She was 18 when “Only Hope” was released. This track always gives me all the A Walk To Remember feels. We might just need a minute…*sniffles*.

2. Kelly Clarkson – “A Moment Like This”

Oh, the early days of Kelly Clarkson. Talk about some serious American Idol nostalgia. I think this song actually makes me more emotional now that the show is officially over. So. many. emotions.

3. Sia – “Breathe Me”

It doesn’t matter if I’m on my period or not, Sia will always speak to my soul. She’s easily one of the most talented vocalists of our generation and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. We honestly need to make an entire Sia playlist.

4. Imogen Heap – “Hide And Seek”

If this song doesn’t give you some kind of feels, we don’t know what will. It seriously makes me feel like I’m back in middle school. Imogen Heap, where are YOU? We need a comeback.

5. Christina Aguilera – “Beautiful”

Let’s be real, “Beautiful” is like the 2000’s teen girl anthem. Though we now associate it primarily with Damien’s solo from Mean Girls, it will always have a special place in our overly emotional pubescent hearts.

6. Lifehouse – “You And Me”

And all of the people…we know you’re already singing it. Something about Lifehouse always makes us want to have a good long cry. Whether we’re on our period or thinking about the one guy that got away, we just have a lot of feelings okay?

7. JoJo – “Leave (Get Out)”

JoJo! We miss you girl, really though. In case you hadn’t heard, our favorite preteen artist from back in the day is finally back in action. She recently released a brand new track with Wiz Khalifa and it will make your 2000’s soul SO happy.

8. Norah Jones – “Come Away With Me”

Okay, so you can’t have a good cry without Nora Jones. Personally, this song always makes me think of that romantic scene from Maid In Manhattan, which is a great chick flick to watch while on your period btw.

9. Death Cab For Cutie – “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

Love of mine someday you will die… Death Cab is most certainly worthy of our period playlist. If you can sit through this song without getting even a teeny bit emotional, you’re a monster…a MONSTER.

10. Anna Nalick – “Breathe (2am)”

Tbh, I still love listening to this song especially if I’m having one of those emotional nights after getting home from the bars. 2am and she calls me cause I’m still awake…All the damn feels.

11. Leona Lewis – “Bleeding Love”

So this one may have come out a little later, but you best believe we’ve had many emotional nights with this song. Not to mention, “bleeding love” get it “bleeding”? Yeah, we know it’s corny, but we had to.

Check out the full playlist:

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