These Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cones Are All The Rage On Instagram Right Now

It’s always a miraculous moment when someone finds a way to take the already-incredible concept of ice cream to new, delicious levels. Ice cream is already a near-perfect dessert, how could anyone possibly conceive of ways to improve upon it?

The newest frozen dessert trend taking over Instagram is definitely an innovative take on the classic ice cream cone, and its appearance may take some foodies by surprise:

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Yes. That is a cotton candy ice cream cone. You’re welcome, World.

Milk Train, a premium soft serve shop in London, has created the ice cream cone craze with their “Choo Choo cotton floss cloud” cones. The cones essentially come wrapped in a snuggly scarf of cotton candy, which you can munch on before you get to your ice cream treat in the middle.

The results look utterly magical, to say the least.

It’s as though these frozen desserts sprang, fully-formed, from the pages of a kids book.

It’s like CLOUD ICE CREAM, if such a thing were to ever exist! Even a bird’s-eye view gives the illusion of a small, white, floating puff.

Milk Train has a rotating stable of ice cream flavors which includes Matcha, Vanilla, Chocolate and Hojicha (a roasted tea flavor).

You can even get your Choo Choo cotton floss embellished with some added munchies and biscuits. Because hey, you already have cotton candy on there — you might as well up the caloric content while you’re at it.

If cotton candy isn’t really your bag, never fear — you can get a regular cone piled high with Milk Train’s soft serve, sans cotton floss.

But why would you ever do such a thing, honestly? Particularly when you can get a cotton floss cone that’s bigger than your freakin’ head?

Sadly, you may have to skip out on this treat if you aren’t conveniently located near Milk Train’s 44 Bedford Street shop in London (damn it, England!). But the mere existence of this delectable dessert may be enough to have you considering some Trans-Atlantic flight options …

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