Tina Fey’s Reaction To A Bill Cosby Joke Is The Only Emmy’s Moment You Need To See

It should come as no surprise that we decided to spend the remaining hours of our precious weekend watching (and gawking at) the 2016 Emmy Awards with a full glass of wine in hand. Aside from the show-stopping outfits and celeb appearances, there were plenty of cringeworthy moments to be had.

Though Matt LeBlanc’s rather uncomfortable comments made about Emilia Clarke were enough to make us want to change the channel, the worst “joke” by far was made by this year’s host Jimmy Kimmel. Leave it to Kimmel to surpass all levels of awkwardness and catch an entire crowd of celebs off guard. Luckily, Tina Fey’s reaction was hilarious enough to resurrect the night.

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Jimmy Kimmel decided it would be funny to announce Bill Cosby as a presenter and Tina Fey’s reaction is all of us.

Really Kimmel, REALLY? This is easily one of the most awkward “jokes” ever attempted at an awards show. The crowd is tangibly mortified by Kimmel’s questionable sense of humor.

Thank god, though, for the camera man who decided to zoom in on Tina Fey before Kimmel walked out. That moment is pure gold. You can practically read her lips saying “This has got to be a joke.” A terrible one, but thankfully a joke nonetheless.

Viewers could not get enough of Fey’s unfiltered reaction.

She’s literally all of us. Needless to say, several glasses of wine were spilt/spit at the television during this moment.  If you didn’t already have a million and one reasons to love Tina Fey, add this to the list. Jimmy Kimmel should be thanking her for rescuing his mortifying faux pa.

Seriously though, Kimmel WTF were you thinking?


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