‘The Twist’ & 5 Other ‘This Is Us’ Moments That Made Us Lose It

Spoiler alert! Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the premiere of the new NBC dramedy This Is Us.

Fans of hour-long primetime dramas about actual people, families, everyday life vs. crime or scandal— think Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Togetherness— have been waiting what feels like forever for their new show. Their next weekly cry-fest, peppered with genuinely relatable, make-you-alol moments. That’s just one reason the trailer for NBC’s new dramedy This Is Us has wracked up over 8 million views on YouTube since it was posted in May. And why so many people were pumped to tune in for its premiere last night. The verdict: Pretty much no one was disappointed.

Here, 6 ridiculously emotional moments from the first episode of This Is Us that totally sold us on the show.

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1. When Rebecca and Jack went from “let’s have some birthday sex!” to “My water just broke.”

thisisustrailer The Twist & 5 Other This Is Us Moments That Made Us Lose It

OMG, basically naked Jess—I mean, Milo Ventimiglia—is playing a guy named Jack, who’s turning 36 today. Whoa, look, it’s Mandy Moore playing his very pregnant wife named Rebecca. Now she’s doing a self-deprecating sexy dance! Ha! Aww, Jack doesn’t GAF that Rebecca’s baby bump is Shamu-sized. Oh, crap, now she’s like, “Not tonight, honey. Gotta go have three babies!” Ah, #PregnancySex.

2. When Randall brought his biological father home and totally cracked up.

screen shot 2016 09 21 at 3 48 27 pm The Twist & 5 Other This Is Us Moments That Made Us Lose It

There were a few moments during the hour-long episode that felt so real and were so well-acted. Chief among ’em: When Randall, played by Sterling K. Brown, comes home with his biological father William and takes his wife Beth aside to basically explain what he’s just done and then ask, “What am I doing!?” Hilarious. But also, his internal conflict over the whole situation is so genuine and understandable.

3. When Kate was caught off-guard by a flirtatious first encounter with Toby.

OK, so, yes, it’s a little aggravating that Kate (Chrissy Metz)’s whole storyline so far completely revolves around her being “fat” and needing to “lose the weight.” (Insert all of the eye-roll emojis.) But if you did not love that support group scene where she first connects with Toby (Chris Sullivan), you have no soul. The pair’s banter about how Kate “can’t fall for a fat person right now,” so OK, Toby will just have to lose the weight? Cute AF.

4. When Kevin lost his shit on the set of The Manny.

medium f85a36748d5274285480e4d491c446ac The Twist & 5 Other This Is Us Moments That Made Us Lose It

Even the op to co-star with Alan Thicke as his dad wasn’t enough to keep Kevin (Jason Hartley—swoon) from totally flipping TF out over having to play a brainless, shirtless himbo on a sitcom. Applause-worthy. (Also, if you, like me, loved Mistresses and worried you’d be missing your Scott fix, welp, that’s obvi not an issue anymore! Whoohoo!)

5. When the doctor gave Jack his words of wisdom.

screen shot 2016 09 21 at 4 04 56 pm The Twist & 5 Other This Is Us Moments That Made Us Lose It

After finding out that only two of his triplets made it, Jack’s a wreck. But then, the OB/GYN he and Rebecca weren’t expecting to deliver their kids comes to the rescue with an incredible speech about how he’s totally been there too and he used his heartbreak to do something good, setting us up for …

6. When a twist ending got us harder than it has since The Sixth Sense, basically.

That twist! That twist! One minute, you’re pretty certain all of the characters are turning 36 in 2016. The next, it’s apparent that Jack isn’t in a present day maternity ward. Oh, no, no no. He’s in 1980! And those babies are freakin’ Kevin, Kate, and Randall. OMG. Who saw that coming?! Not many of us, as evidenced by Twitter.

And then Jess—I mean, Milo—sealed the deal.

Yeah, we’re in.

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