15 Fall Beauty Swaps You Should Start Making Now

You were obviously the cutest this summer, but unfortch the experts tend to agree that you need to make a considerable amount of beauty swaps for cooler weather to keep your beauty game strong. “In cooler temperatures your skin cells slough off more slowly because your skin is drier,” explains Doris Day, MD Clinical associate professor dermatology at NYU and author of Forget the Facelift. “That can make the skin cells stick around a little longer before they slough off and it makes your skin look dull.” This whole skin shedding process thing can wreak havoc on everything from your natural radiance to your makeup routine and scalp, so here’s what you’ll need to swap to adjust flawlessly.

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1. Switch your bronzers to blush immediately.


Aside from slightly flushed cheeks just having a very “in” moment, bronzers tend to look lifeless and orangey against skin that’s starting to pale (you know, basically any skin beyond Labor Day). Consider swapping from a terra cotta-like bronzer shade to a mauvey blush with tan undertones like this one from BeYu at Target.

2. Exfoliate more than before.


You might’ve spent your summer forgetting to be super diligent about your skincare routine, but all that dry, dead skin from cooler temperatures requires extra exfoliation. Try one with brightening enzymes like this one by SJAL.

3. Swap your light, airy glosses for rich metallics.


Have you even seen these do-or-die metallic glosses by Beauty Bakerie? Swap your life immediately, because they’re unreal and perfect for the season. Available here.

4. Cleanse more often, actually.

Don’t let the dry air fool you, because you seriously need to get rid of all those nasty dead skin cells that can clog your pores and leave you with much bigger dramas. “Cleanse two times a day with a hydrating cleanser,” suggests celeb facialist, Ildi Pekar.

5. It sounds weird, but stop sleeping on memory foam mattresses.


It turns out that memory foam is kinda cushy and fun, but it may be ruining your skin. Science says when you sink in, heat is actually trapped around your body, and while you’ll generally be okay, your skin and pores will suffer in the form of excess oils, sweat, and potentially acne. Ugh. If you’re into foamy, delish sleep patterns (who isn’t), try swapping for an affordable non-memory foam version like this one by Tuft & Needle.

6. While you’re at it, swap your sleep habits.


With the time changes, less natural light, and cooler weather around the corner this is a good opportunity to find a way to give yourself an extra 30-40 minutes of sleep each night. Your body (and your metabolism) will likely thank you, and this is also the perfect opportunity to try a rich, hydrating overnight sleeping mask for your face. Nothing says laziness like sleeping right through a beauty treatment, and that’s something we can all get behind. Try this Algenist Sleeping Pack, because it’s literally the easiest beauty treatment of all time.

7. Switch your serum out to something richer.


Richer doesn’t have to meal loaded with oils — it just means infused with ingredients that get to work repairing and hydrating dull skin. Think vitamins C, A, E, and mildly exfoliating enzymes. This one by Juara sinks right into freshly washed skin, layers like a dream, and feels basically weightless.

8. Change your hydrating body gels out to richer body creams.


While your bottle of cool aloe-whatever was fun all summer, it’s time to switch to something loaded with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. This one by Aquation is pretty affordable, too, and we’re down with that.

9. Swap your PSL for pumpkin spice beauty stuff.


While PSL coffee drinks are possibly over and out (ugh, the saddest), pumpkin spice everything else is still totally nice and we’re all about that life. You can lather up with oodles of sweet pumpkin scent every time you head to the bathroom with Bath & Body Works new line of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin everything (lotions, soaps, washes — the whole nine) and just be grateful you were born into a time when all this was possible.

10. Use a sheer finishing powder for a perfect complexion.


Set your makeup for hours, and hours, and then even more hours by applying a thin dusting of finishing powder like this one by It Cosmetics after you’ve applied your concealers, CC creams, and whatever other skin-perfecting jazz you have in mind. You can even trying the makeup baking trend everyone’s into — but it’s not really necessary, because you’re a human and not a professional pageant competitor.

11. Load up on lip moisture to keep that flaky, chapped lip experience far from your life.


Adding a think layer of lip moisture every night before bed can actually do wonders for your lip texture (and hello, your lipstick game), your kissability, and even the way your lips age. Do not slack here, because you can leave a tiny tube like this one by 3lab right next to your bed. It’s that easy.

12. Give your scalp some damn TLC.


“With seasonal transitions come changes to hair and scalp,” Aimee Sowu cosmetic chemist at CUE Hair Products. “Often in the fall, the scalp produces less oil, leading to a dryer hair and scalp.” Cooler weather is the best time to “opt for gel based shampoos and creamier conditioners.” Try a line with ingredients like protein-rich quinoa, chia oil, and a variety of other hair-hydrating goodies perfect for this time year.

13. Try a lightweight face oil.


Lightweight oils are great for most skin types and especially hydrating when the mercury drops, but they’re also great for layering under most makeup types (a total win!), and since they’re so lightweight and silky, they’re *secretly* perfect on the ends of your hair. Hello, happy hair growth. One to try: Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil (it also makes a fab facial massage helper).

14. Swap out your fragrance (or just start wearing one again).


Don’t be a total old lady and wear anything too heavy or musky, but do opt for working gentle-but-rich perfume back into your foliage-loving lifestyle. Scent of a Dream by Charlotte Tilbury is a good example of a modern, warm, spicy and yet still not aggressive fragrance you can wear all the way through next Spring.

15. Get bolder with your nail art.


Summer means a lot more wear and tear on nails thanks to excess UV rays, water exposure, chlorine, and other elements — making the other seasons far more ideal for your funky nail art and bolder colors. Try this Lisa Frank nails tutorial… because back to school, right?

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