George Clooney’s Reaction To Brangelina’s Divorce Will Make You Want To Hug Him Even More

As you are well-aware, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are officially getting a divorce, love is dead, and the Hollywood Power Couple is officially a dying breed.

But in the midst of this pain and confusion, we never even thought about how the divorce would play out for the couple’s other kids — their Ocean’s Eleven kids.

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Brad’s close friend, George Clooney (maybe you’ve heard of him?), discovered that Brangelina was no more while doing an interview at a United Nations conference about the refugee crisis. CNN interviewer Richard Roth asked Clooney for his thoughts on the power couple’s divorce, and Clooney seemed totally shocked by the news.

“Alright, don’t shoot me on this last question, it’s a big story,” Roth said. “You’re friends with both of them. Your thoughts, any thoughts? She’s a humanitarian … Angelina and your friend Brad.”

“Oh, what happened?” Clooney asked, clearly confused.

“There was a divorce. She filed.”

“I didn’t know that,” a visibly surprised and shaken Clooney responded. “I feel very sorry then. That’s a sad story then, unfortunate for a family. It’s an unfortunate story about a family. I feel very sorry to hear that. It’s the first I heard it, so.”

George then walked away, emoting through the veneer of politeness as only actors can do.


Considering Brad himself wasn’t even made aware of the divorce until the day Angelina filed, it isn’t shocking that pal Clooney was also out of the loop.

As these unpleasant proceedings fall out, our thoughts will naturally turn to Brad, Angelina, and their kids. But we’re also a bit concerned about George Clooney, to be honest. Clearly, he needs to be consoled during this trying time.

Some possible suggestions for comforting George:

1. Lie and tell him that they’re doing away with the all-female Ocean’s Eleven concept and bringing the boys back together for “one last job.”

2. Allow him to write and direct something, even though that idea usually only has middling degrees of success.

3. Buy him another potbelly pig.

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Don’t worry, George. We’ll all get through this together. *Sniff*

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