Dancers Are Savaging Kendall Jenner For Her Ballerina-Themed Photoshoot

Guys! Stop what you’re doing this instant! More Kardashian/Jenner drama has unfurled and we are all helplessly susceptible to its fascination factor!

This month, Kendall Jenner is featured on the cover of Vogue España, and participated in a ballet-themed photoshoot for the publication — which included pointe shoes, leotards and leg warmers.

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Spanish Vogue by @miguelreveriego

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Kendall even took part in a short promotional video for the shoot, leaping and prancing around the studio in an unabashedly playful manner.

good life @voguespain

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All in all, the whole thing seems fairly innocuous (with the exception of the sound bite where Kendall declares “I like walking around” as if it is some sort of revelation).

However, a contingency of dancers are now outraged about Kendall’s video and photoshoot, claiming that the whole things makes a mockery of the art of ballet.

Spanish Vogue by @miguelreveriego

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Kendall is now being criticized on Twitter and Instagram for A.) pretending to do ballet when she is not actually a ballerina and B.) having horrendous ballet form.

Some Twitter users are perplexed by the drama, however, given that the photoshoot theme was likely not even Kendall’s decision.

Others cannot believe that Kendall’s ballet antics are gaining more attention than the fact that she wore faux dreadlocks as part of a Marc Jacobs fashion show last week, and are subtly suggesting that, perhaps, appropriating black culture is slightly more egregious than appropriating ballerina culture?

Who knew a pair of pointe shoes could turn so contentious?

The comments about cultural appropriation are well-taken, and should really be given more credence. Sadly, it seems that these tweets are simply going to be relegated to the Twitter Feud Pile and will probably be forgotten before the week is out.

But while the whole debacle might seem very divisive, depending on where you stand (or dance), I’m sure we can all agree on one thing:

The Kardashians officially command our goddamn news cycle.

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