13 Of The Creepiest YouTube Videos You Will Ever See

The internet is great for when you need something awful and strange to obsess on — or when you want to deliberate whether or not humanity is prevailing over evil.

There’s plenty of straight-up porn on the internet, but what about the stuff that isn’t porn but also isn’t not porn? It’s all out there, traumatizing the collective consciousness, just waiting for us to somehow find it at 2 a.m. on a work night. And so you don’t have to stay up late spiraling into darkness, it’s all right here, compiled for you.

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This video is about a girl who inflates her stomach…on purpose. With dance music. Because of course?

In doing research, this is actually a fetish — and plenty of folks like it. Some people inflate via enema, and others do it using their mouth. Really makes you think about your food belly in a different light.

Burping can be really funny, you guys. But in this video, it’s just really weird.

The most hilarious thing about this video is that these two girls even tried to make a dialogue. Apparently, they got some magic tea that causes them to belch. I say, just cut to the chase with the burping.

This video is disturbing because this woman doesn’t care about the health risks involved in (sexily?) stuffing her belly. But we care. We care . . . a lot. Because death.

These videos are all over the place — inspiring a bunch of documentaries to try and understand the mindset of the feeder and the viewer. It’s all about power and control for some. This is probably a doctor’s worst nightmare.

This video is all about the knee region. Whatever does it for you, right? RIGHT?

The knee close-up is pretty fantastic. If you’re into knees. If you’re not, you just may find yourself looking at yours pretty differently next time.

This video features a girl whispering while eating a Lunchable, because the world is a special fucking place.

So, this is an ASMR video. ASMR is a phenomenon that causes tingles when a listener hears certain noises (tapping, whispering, chewing). Some ASMR is fantastic and great for anxiety and depression. This ASMR video gets points…for creativity, if that’s what you want to call it.

This video would probably be considered hilarious to a small child (disclaimer: please do not show your small child this video), but here it’s considered sexy — and not at all funny — to a number of weird grown-ups on the Internet.

Please refrain from eating 20 minutes before or after this video.

This video of a person wearing a mask while they clean their house isn’t scary at ALL.

There is nothing that could make this OK. This shouldn’t be watched at night, because you will definitely need to sleep with the light on.

This video takes the mask thing a little farther (note the nipples). Also, the song is pretty much perfection.

You have to give credit where credit is due. Is it the nipples, the thong, the wig, the music or the mask that makes this so fantastic? Unclear. It’s all pretty great.

This video showcases an oryx-man crawling and a man pumping iron in a bunny costume (as one does), but it doesn’t seem to have an explanation. The word “Humanimal” is pretty great, though.

This seemed like an art video at first — like maybe these people were embodying their spirit animals? But no, these are just humans who want to become real animals.

This video shows that someone internalized Nickelodeon’s gak in a weird way.

Gak was so great, wasn’t it? But this just spoils your childhood memories in a way that will never leave you.

This video exists just in case you weren’t sure how to have a milk fight.

Nothing says milk fight louder than two cheaply dressed women on a red love-seat.

This video is NOT apologizing for its behavior.

Does your butt get all static-y?

This video of a girl smacking her maple-syrup covered lips together just might destroy restore your faith in humanity.

Maple syrup is delicious, but that really doesn’t mean you should smear it on your lips and smack them into a binaural microphone, but I will let the internet decide if that’s accurate or not. Hint: it’s not, apparently.

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