Lea Michele Admitted To Wanting To Boink Zac Efron During A Game Of “Who’d You Rather?”

The preferred road-trip game “Would You Rather?” is difficult enough as it is … but what if, instead of choosing between two equally appealing or disgusting tasks, you were forced to choose between two ridiculously attractive men?

Sheesh, talk about raising the stakes.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the single-and-ready-to-mingle Lea Michele played a rousing game of “Who’d You Rather?” — which, as the name implies, forces the player to choose between two equally eligible bachelors. Despite some hemming and hawing and attempts to be diplomatic, Lea managed to be pretty honest when it came to her male celebrity preferences.

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Who were Lea’s top picks in this Hottie Battle Royale? Let’s take a look:

Lea Michele’s “Who’d You Rather?” Weigh-Ins

John Stamos: “Probably a little on the older side for me — but I love you, John.”

Taylor Lautner: “He gave me a lapdance the other day and it was great.”

Nick Jonas: “Nick played my brother on the show … it’s confusing to me in my head, but I’ll go with Nick. ”

Prince Harry: “Gotta pick a prince! I wanna be a princess!”

Harry Styles: “I can’t compete with Kendall Jenner!”

Tom Hiddleston: “He’s got too much going on. I can’t get with that.” (*cough* Taylor Swift *cough*)

Michael B. Jordan and Scott Eastwood: “… I can’t get both?”

Justin Bieber: “I just couldn’t keep up with Bieber.”

Calvin Harris: “I think I’m gonna go with Calvin Harris … I feel like he’s been through a lot lately.”

And finally, the one stud to rule them all:

Zac Efron: “Give me Zac Efron any day.”

Wait … how has this magical pairing not come to fruition? Lea Michele and Zac Efron are both former teen stars, and they both have considerable singing experience. WHO DROPPED THE BALL AND DID NOT ALLOW FOR THIS MUSICAL TO HAPPEN?

Come on, guys. This relationship could very well become real. We need to do everything in our power to make this happen.

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