9 Hacks For Girls Whose Oily Skin Is Ruining Their Lives

It may be fall, but as far as your skin is concerned, it still feels like summer: your nose is shiny, you’re breaking out, and your T-zone is producing more oil than Texas.

Such is the struggle for girls with oily skin.

However, all hope is not lost! With a bit of a specialized skincare and lifestyle regimen, you can actually whip your shiny skin into shape and keep the excess moisture from ruining your makeup/life.

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1. Use a cleanser with salicylic acid.

A cleanser with salicylic acid will assist in breaking down the oils on your skin, and the best art is that it won’t cause any excess dryness. If you don’t like the tight, squeaky-clean feeling, and prefer your cleanser to leave you with softer skin, try a soap-free facial cleanser, like Herbalism from LUSH Cosmetics — the rice bran and vinegar will mop up any excess oil, while the kaolin clay base will ensure your skin stays soft and supple.

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2. Opt for a mattifying primer.

In addition to providing a solid base for makeup application, primers also sort of set the tone for how your makeup is going to interact with your skin. They are the mediators of the cosmetics world, and going without one can cause your makeup to get all slippy-slidey (that’s the technical term, promise). Try out a mattifying primer like the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer before you begin your makeup process. Trust me — by midday, you’ll be thankful you did.

3. Consider using powder foundation rather than liquid.

While liquid foundation provides great coverage, it often contains oils, and is prone to getting caky. Try out a powder foundation instead, which easily absorbs any excess oils on the face, and keeps your skin looking matte. If you’re looking for more coverage, simply use a sparing amount of concealer on any “problem areas” before applying your powder foundation.

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4. Fill your purse with blotting papers.

Blotting papers, as their name implies, blot excess oils from the skin, and help to prevent a shiny T-zone during the day. Always keep a pack at the ready to keep slick skin at bay. You may also consider carrying a translucent powder compact for touchups.

5. Try out homemade face masks.

A handmade mask of lemon juice and honey will have a two-pronged effect: the lemon juice will help to neutralize the production of oil while brightening the skin, and the honey’s antibacterial properties will control breakouts while also adding softness. The best part? The ingredients are incredibly easy to come by — and you may even have them in your pantry right now.

6. Get yourself an eye makeup primer.

If you have oily skin, there’s a decent chance you have oily eyelids, too. As such, it’s probable that you’ve found yourself suffering from raccoon eyes on more than one occasion. Prevent this makeup meltdown and banish any creasing by using a primer to keep your eyeliner and eye shadow in place.

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7. Use a moisturizing gel rather than lotion.

Gels are slightly more lightweight than creams, and will therefore provide the moisture your skin needs without weighing it down with with excess products or oils. And yes, despite what you might think, you DO need to moisturize, even if you have oily skin — you just need to make sure it’s the right kind of moisturizer.

8. Use a makeup setting spray.

Even with all your prep work, your skin will probably still have a tendency to veer into oily territory (that is, after all, its nature). Combat this by finishing up your makeup routine with an oil-controlling setting spray, like Urban Decay’s De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. The spray will keep your makeup in place, and will create a velvety, oil-free finish that will last throughout the day.

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9. Drink more water … seriously.

All of the good skincare habits in the world won’t make up for an imbalance in your diet. Hydrating your body with a proper amount of water will alert your oil glands to stop producing excess oil, as it is no longer necessary. So, the next time you go out, try opting for a water instead of a soda or coffee. It may be annoying in the short-run, but the long-term effects will be well worth the effort.

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