A High School Boys’ Soccer Team Forfeited A Game Because Playing With Girls Is Icky

Remember when we were kids and we’d all play together and nobody cared what gender you were? Apparently, that’s not the case once you get to high school in Arizona.

A high school boys soccer team there refused to play another team ….. because it had two girl players. That’s right, the Faith Christian School in Mesa, Ariz. forfeited the game because Foothills Academy College Prep’s team has two female players.

According to the Arizona Republic, Faith Christian officials cited religious reasons:

“I know it appears to fly in the face of what everyone is wanting to promote today, and that is equality,” said Dick Buckingham, administrative leader of Faith Christian. “It is based on a religious perspective that God created guys and girls differently. The difference physically, there is a strength advantage that men have over women. We want to teach our men that honor of ladies is just not in sports. We struggle how to teach that if we’re allowing them to play against young ladies in a competitive game.”

But big-time kudos to the Foothills Academy players — who voted not to play unless midfielders Alyssa and Colette Hocking were allowed to play:

Their mother, Noelle Avey, added:

“I would like to stress the outstanding character the boys on this team have shown by standing with their female teammates. I can’t say enough about these boys, this team, the team parents, our coach, and our athletic director for supporting our female athletes. I believe one aspect of sport is that it brings different religions, races and genders together.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

giphy A High School Boys Soccer Team Forfeited A Game Because Playing With Girls Is Icky

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