21 People Told Us The Weirdest Places They’ve Ever Had Sex

There’s something so incredibly thrilling about having sex in a place other than the bedroom. It’s exotic and new. Not to mention, the excitement that you might get caught is one of the oldest turn-ons in the books.

So, we decided to ask the Berry community about the most bizarre places they’ve ever done the dirty and the responses did not disappoint.

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2. “I had sex in a booth at a dance club in Budapest, Hungary during study abroad – there were hundreds of people just a few feet away and it was one of the hottest things ever!” – Anonymous, 21

3. “On a lifeguard chair… at a public beach at like 5pm in the middle of summer.” – Anonymous, 27

4. “Tennis court. Before a match. ‘What’s that mark on the court?’ was asked later.” – Anonymous, 35



6. “On a water tube, floating in a river ride at a water park called Wet n Wild.” – Anonymous, 24

7. “In a staged military convoy of vehicles at the border of Iraq in Kuwait the night before we pushed north into Baghdad. We didn’t know if we were gonna live or die in the next few days, so why not!” – Anonymous, 30

8. “The reptile house at the zoo.” – Anonymous, 23



10. “Grocery store meat cooler while we were both on the clock.” – Anonymous, 19

11. “Macy’s dressing room.” – Anonymous, 29



13. “On the hood of a truck in front of a Catholic high school.” – Anonymous, 26

14. “Car wash! After hours it was across the street from a bar and we opened the big door where you drive your car in. I had cement scratches down my back for weeks!” – Anonymous, 27



16. “In a luxury suite during a sharks game.” – Anonymous, 25

17. “On a diving board at the community pool.” – Anonymous, 31



19.  “In a horse stable.” – Anonymous, 38

20. “In the dressing room with one of the store owners. And my girlfriend in the dressing room beside us with the other. We low 5’d each other under the wall after they both finished.” – Anonymous, 22



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