11 Of The Raunchiest 2000s Music Videos Your Parents Forbid You To Watch

Sex sells, obviously. Our society is evidence of that, but this is nothing new. Sex has been selling and will continue to sell for years to come because people are secretly dirty freaks…okay, not all people, but you get my point.

There’s nothing like a raunchy music video to really send an artist to the top of the charts. Think about it, most of the best selling music has some kind of innuendo attached to it. These are the most down and dirty videos from the early 00s for your guilty viewing pleasure.

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1. Christina Aguilera – “Dirrty”

Just your normal Christina Aguilera scantily clad in a room full of sweaty dudes. Aside from the near-nakedness of this entire video, the choreography alone was enough to make our parents forbid us from watching it.

2. Benny Benassi – “Satisfaction”

Push me and then just touch me…I mean, sexy women dancing erotically with power tools is about as sexual as it gets. As if the lyrics weren’t already raunchy on their own.

3. Britney Spears – “I’m A Slave 4 U”

It’s no secret that Britney can get down and dirty, but this video in particular is probably one of her most sexual. We aren’t mad about it though, it’s Britney bitch.

4. The White Stripes – “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”

It doesn’t get much sexier than the one and only Kate Moss dancing on a pole in her underwear. Enough said.

5. Enrique Iglesias – “Sad Eyes”

Let’s be honest, Enrique Iglesias is one of the sexiest men alive. He could probably just stand there with his shirt off and we would stare for hours. However, this video of him singing a love ballad to the sex operator on TV while also jacking off is next level kinky.

6. D’Angelo – “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”

This entire video is literally just the camera panning along D’Angelo’s sweaty and beautifully chiseled body. I honestly forgot he was even singing. Just take it all in…

7. Eric Prydz – “Call On Me”

Though, “sexy” might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think about aerobics class, Eric Prydz manages to make things all sorts of raunchy. Hot instructors in high-waisted outfits pelvic thrusting to the contagious beat along with body close-ups makes this video pretty sexual for its time.

8. Ludacris – “P-Poppin’”

We all love some Ludacris, but this video seriously borders pornographic. I mean, it is about pussy poppin’ and there’s also an X-rated version that really takes things to the next level. Of course, Ludacris and his buddies are eating it up, tossing hundred dollar bills onto all of the dancers.

9. Shakira – “La Tortura ft. Alejandro Sanz”

As if Shakira speaking Spanish wasn’t already sexy enough, her constant hip thrusting and longing gazes make this video too hot to handle.

10. Missy Elliot- “One Minute Man”

Leave it to Missy Elliot to tell it exactly how it is. No girl wants a one minute man. Couple her lyrics with a Ludacris bath scene and you’ve got yourself a pretty raunchy music video.

11. Lil’ Kim (Featuring Sisqo) – “How Many Licks?”

The title alone should give you some insight into the level of down and dirty this video is about to get. Plus, you pretty much get to see Lil’ Kim having sex for a solid minute or so.

Check out the full playlist:

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