This Dude Who Asked Himself To Homecoming Is Our New Idol

Let me just say, that I was never the biggest fan of homecoming. The whole ritual of expecting a guy to ask you out for the dance in some creative and lavish way just seems so outdated. Yes, at the time we all hoped for that one special guy to go out of his way to take us, but now it’s just getting out of hand.

The latest teen dating trend surrounding homecoming is known as “HoCoPro,” and it’s just as stupid as it sounds. One student out of Ohio decided he wasn’t quite feeling this ritual so he decided to ask himself to homecoming and then won the internet.

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These days asking someone to homecoming is a huge production.

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Not only are the guys expected to ask the girls, but they have to go above and beyond. If she accepts, then she’ll post on social media for the whole world to see. No pressure or anything…

Meet Joe LaRue, an 18-year-old in Dublin, Ohio who’d had just about enough of the homecoming BS.

sub-buzz-13326-1475089540-1Joe LaRue

With the season of homecoming proposals in full swing, Joe LaRue wasn’t really into the whole expectation of outlandish displays only to receive a “yay” or “nay” and have it posted on social media. So, he didn’t exactly have a date lined up for the big dance.

“My mom asked me if I was going to homecoming, and I was like, ‘No, I can’t find a date, so I’m just not going to go,’” LaRue told BuzzFeed News. “And she said, ‘It would be kind of funny if you asked yourself.’”

Following his mom’s clever suggestion, Joe brainstormed creative ways to ask himself to homecoming.

The idea came to him one night after picking up food from his favorite restaurant, Canes.


I mean, that is pretty damn clever. According to Buzzfeed, LaRue, along with his mom and dad, spent three hours making the sign.

And he of course, accepted.

screen shot 2016 09 29 at 3 41 33 pm This Dude Who Asked Himself To Homecoming Is Our New Idol@joe_larue6

The look of pure joy and surprise…can’t beat that.

“You just gotta have fun with it, just enjoy it,” he said. “High school goes by fast, so you have to take every opportunity.”

In true teen fashion, LaRue shared the romantic moment via Twitter.

And the internet couldn’t relate more.

Wish we had thought of something like this back in the day…


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