This Girl Savaged Her Roommate By Publishing Her Catty Subtweets

Having a roommate is rarely an easy situation. Particularly if all they do is talk shit about you behind your back.

Twitter user @jeassyjeanie recently started a new semester of college, and found herself paired up with a new roommate. Unfortunately, it hasn’t exactly been smooth friendship sailing for these two: unbeknownst to Jessy, her roommate has been subtweeting about her since they started living together.

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When Jessy finally unearthed all of her roommate’s passive aggressive tweets, she decided to be a bit crafty — literally. Instead of confronting her roommate, Jessy printed out all of the subtweets and posted them in the dormitory hallway. She surrounded the tweets with pictures of cartoon heart, because ROOMMATE LOVE.

The subtweets basically consisted of the roommate (whose name is Nikki) bitching freely about how her roommate situation with Jessy is a “horror story.”

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Which is, honestly, kind of a naive move — did she seriously expect her roommate to never look her up on social media?

Apparently, Nikki even called the cops on Jessy for keeping weed in the dorm. Which, again, is kind of foolhardy, because why would you ever get rid of the possibility of weed?

Not surprisingly, an impressive amount of drama ensued. The collage was ripped down shortly after it was posted, and torn up into little pieces.

Apparently, the resident who ripped it down claimed it made her “uncomfortable.”

Nikki even claimed that she was unable to remedy their “horrific” living situation, because she had already made so many “dear” friends on their dormitory floor.

At the very least, Nikki admitted that she probably should have used a bit more discretion when it came to her Twitter account.

But if there’s any silver lining for Jessy, it’s that Nikki has admitted that she doesn’t actually hate her — she just doesn’t like her “habits” or the way she lives.

Holy shit. I feel like I just watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars or something.

The kicker out of this whole feud is that the semester has only just begun — and these two are clearly at an impasse when it comes to either of them moving out. Perhaps they will find a way to bury the hatchet and become unlikely friends, like Elle Woods and Vivienne Kensington!

Or perhaps they will just continue this petty hate spiral all the way through the holidays. Either way, here’s hoping we get a front-row seat to any future confrontations.

giphy 315 This Girl Savaged Her Roommate By Publishing Her Catty Subtweets

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