This 3-Year-Old Hilariously Slayed Her First Makeup Tutorial Video

Makeup tutorials, much like selfies and Netflix passwords, are requisite possessions among millennial women. Not only are they highly informative when it comes to makeup shopping lists, but they are legitimately soothing to watch (I will fight anyone who attempts to argue this point with me).

As such, it only makes sense that everyone is eager to jump on the Makeup Tutorial bandwagon — even if they’re tiny, baby children.

Twitter user @cheybaee‘s 3-year-old sister recently got the bright idea to make her own makeup tutorial, and boy am I glad she did. This makeup tutorial has more panache and star power than any that I’ve seen thus far.

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This future makeup artist begins with a waterfall of unintelligible gibberish (good move — it hooks the audience) before gleefully exclaiming “Let’s get started!,” which I appreciated, because enthusiasm is necessary for good makeup application.

She has a moment of camera trouble, but she handles the whole thing like a champ. She then tells us to start with our “eyelashes thing,” as is customary when beginning any cosmetics routine.

And, even though she never actually opens up the makeup compact, and basically just dabs at her face with a brush the entire time, you get the idea. This makeup tutorial isn’t about stupid makeup. It’s about personality, guys. It’s basically a performance piece! And in that respect, this little girl is already winning over the internet.

Watch your back, beauty bloggers.

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