Miley Cyrus Filled In For Ellen And It Went As Well As You’d Expect

Everyone loves Ellen DeGeneres. Honestly, how could you not? The infinitely hilarious talk show host and voice of some of our favorite animated characters never fails to entertain us and make us wish we could hang out just, you know, like every single day.

So, when DeGeneres was too ill to tape her show this week, we were understandably devastated. However, instead of canceling, she elected an unexpected substitute and we’re still not too sure how to feel about it.

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One of our all time favorite hosts, Ellen DeGeneres announced via Twitter Wednesday that Miley Cyrus would be taking her place while she was out sick.

While no one could really ever replace Ellen (even if only for a day), we were surprised at her choice for a substitute. Miley Cyrus…really? Does it get more polar opposite than that?

In typical Miley fashion, there was a drug joke, a stripper joke, and some network censoring all within the opening monologue.


Seriously? Not that anyone is really surprised. It’s clear Miley was just going to be Miley and definitely not any semblance of Ellen. Although, I’m sure the real Ellen got a kick out of the MDMA insinuation.

She sat down with Idina Menzel (squeal!) and talked Disney’s Frozen 2.

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Cyrus wasted no time in asking Menzel her thoughts on Elsa becoming the first lesbian Disney princess. While Menzel was all for the idea, she insisted that she had no idea what the sequel would hold. The pair then related on their mutual “slavery” to Disney’s unpredictable ways.

Cyrus also got to play 5 Second Rule with Sarah Jessica Parker, nbd.

Needless to say, Miley was chock full of her typical responses. When asked to name 3 items found in her house, she immediately responded with: “pot, alcohol, and cats.” Classy Miley, real classy.

Though Miley’s antics never fail to be entertaining, we will be more than happy when Ellen returns to the show.


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