Your Best Workout & Diet, Determined By Your Specific Body Type

We’re all different body types — which is awesome and amazing. But that means your friend’s “smoothie diet” might work for them — but not you. It also means some bodies should do higher weight workout reps while others should stick to pilates, for example. Some bodies are naturally thin, some are naturally round, some are naturally strong — and they’re all great. But depending on your body type, you might want to try a different diet or workout, since, you know, we can’t all eat a box of pizza without suffering the consequences.

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Are you an ectomorph, an endomorph or a mesomorph?

Determining your body type can be hard, especially if you fluctuate in weight or were just pregnant. For others, it’s sort of obvious (hello, Taylor Swift). There are three types. This video will help you determine which you are.

The Endomorph Lady

These women carry wait on the bottom half of their body — their abs, thighs and bellies. Diet alone doesn’t do the trick, so they need to focus on training, cardio and self-discipline. These girls tend to be skinny with light muscles, small joints, not much fat and a higher metabolism, according to Food Scientist and Nutrition Expert Christine Hronec.

Your workout should look like high-intensity cardio mixed with strength training. You can learn more here and here.   Your diet should be include: 30 – 40% carbs, 30 – 35% protein and 30 – 35% fat. You can learn more here.  This means a little less midnight pancakes —and a little more clean eating. Endomorph to endomorph, I promise this is doable.

The Ectomorph Lady

The ectomorph lady is slim, long-limbed and not packing on much in the way of pounds or muscle. For them, it can be hard to gain weight — say, if they want to add more shape to their bodies. According to this, they can carry more fat than muscle, leading to the idea of “skinny fat.” If they want to be sleek and toned, they have to work out. The ectomorph will probably benefit from weight training (but not spot training). They’re gonna wanna mix up their workout. Unlike mesomorphs who tend to gain mass when weight training with heavy weights, ectomorphs might find that this is their sweet spot. Ectos will want to focus on eating nutritious food that packs a punch in terms of calories and energy: nuts, fruits, veggies and seeds.

The Mesomorph Lady

Ah, to be lean and strong! Mesomorphs are those freaks who simply look fit on their own. They’re compact, lean and athletic, and they even have hourglass figures. They tend to be medium-sized and wider at the shoulders rather than the hips.

Mesos need to be careful that they don’t get too bulky during their workout. Because of this, focus should be on cardio and body sculpting — especially to create more curves.  Mesos should be eating well, even if they’re naturally fit. They should strive for a balance in fats, carbohydrates and protein.

Here are some workouts to jumpstart your body type training:

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