Cara Delevigne’s New Neck Tattoo Is F*cking Creepy

If you haven’t already noticed, we’re kind of in to tattoos and by “kind of” I definitely mean obsessed. There’s just something about body art that we can’t get enough of, which is probably why we can truly appreciate a solid celebrity tattoo.

Whether they’re more subtlety inked in minimalistic pieces like Glee’s Leah Michele or prominently tatted like Mr. Johnny Depp, celeb tattoos never fail to impress us. Our latest obsession is worn by none other than the stunning Ms. Cara Delevingne and it’s positively mesmerizing.

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Cara Delevingne got a new tattoo this weekend and we can’t stop staring.

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The model/actress had a pair of uncomfortably realistic eyes inked on the back of her neck courtesy of  Bang Bang Studio in New York. Maybe it’s because they’re reminiscent of the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg from The Great Gatsby, but we seriously cannot look away. It’s as if they’re watching you no matter where you go…which is probably the effect she was going for.

The permanently gazing eyes are positioned directly above one of Delevingne’s older pieces, a traditional Thai sak yant tattoo. There’s only one thing (well two) that are missing from this new eery tattoo, her signature eyebrows. I mean, can they really be Cara Delevingne eyes without those?

This isn’t the star’s first unique tattoo, she also has the word “Bacon” on her foot.

Yes, bacon like the delicious treat we can’t get enough of and literally goes well on anything. The word along with its placement like Tyra Banks in Lifesize is enough to make us love Delevingne even more. According to Pop Star Tats, she’s currently covered in 26 tattoos.

Leah Michele is another one of our favorite tatted celebs.

And one more.. for my Quarterback.. #5 ❤️

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The actress has dozens of tattoos, but this memorial to Cory Monteith is one of the most special.

Not to mention, David Beckham…

nintchdbpict000145479395The Sun

I mean…

Then there’s Angelina Jolie.

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As if she couldn’t get any sexier, her collection of unique ink just puts Jolie over the top.

We could go on for days….thanks Cara for getting us lost in the world of celeb tattoos.

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