18 Dogs Who’ve Become Man’s Best Frenemy

We love dogs. Really, we do! But let’s face it: Sometimes dogs can be a gigantic pain in the ass. Like these poor Twitter users, who came home to find that their beloved pets had left them…various surprises. See for yourself!

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1. This dog was determined to make his owner take a study break.

2. This pup was trying his best not to have an accident on the floor, how sweet.

3. One lucky owner will be finding numbers in their dog’s shit for weeks.

4. This dog did his best to keep his owner from leaving town, well done sir.

5. This owner is going to have one pretty dog on their hands.

6. This pup knows what he’s done.

7. Well, we give this dog an ‘A’ for effort.

8. Not Link!

9. Yet another pup who just wants to feel beautiful inside and out.

10. Not sure if tape will even help this twenty.

11. Maybe he’s training to be a guide dog.


12. Dogs are disgusting creatures.

13. Guess she’s not going out tonight.

14. This dog was just trying to find those leftovers from earlier.

15. This dog hates Uggs as much as we do.

16. And apparently sandals are also a no-go.

17. He just got a little bored.

18. You didn’t need these pants, right dad?

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