Demi Lovato Just Dragged Taylor Swift And Her Fake ‘Feminism’

It’s no secret that Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift aren’t exactly BFFs (or Fs at all, for that matter). Demi’s thinly veiled comments earlier this year about how one shouldn’t “brand yourself a feminist if you don’t do the work” were considered by many to be aimed directly at Taylor and her squad of Amazonian models.

Demi’s recent interview with Glamour, however, thoroughly confirmed that the two pop stars won’t be inviting one another to their sleepovers any time soon.

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In the interview, Lovato became even more candid about her feelings toward Taylor Swift’s problematic message on female body types, and her commodification of feminism. Without directly referring to Swift by name, Lovato told Glamour that having a “squad” full of stereotypically beautiful women is the antithesis of being a positive role model.

“To be honest, and this will probably get me in trouble, I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body. It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like. And what they should be like, and it’s not real.”

Twitter, naturally, was quick to jump on Lovato’s remarks, noting that “normal” does not actually indicate any particular body type, and that shaming women for being naturally skinny isn’t exactly body-positive either.

In addition to her somewhat controversial remarks about “normal” bodies, Demi also noted that constantly feuding with other female artists doesn’t really do much to lift other women up. (A little ironic, considering she’s also bad-mouthing one of her peers in her interview with Glamour, but whatever!)

“I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that’s not women’s empowerment. We all do things that aren’t, but I have to ask myself, Am I content with calling myself a feminist? Yes, because I speak out.”

And yes, Demi Lovato certainly does speak out — on some issues, at least. Recently, one of her followers created some fan art which depicted Lovato as a curvaceous (and topless) mermaid. Rather than complimenting the work, Lovato was quick to remark on the fact that the drawing took considerable liberties when depicting her figure.

“Is that how my boobs should look?” she wrote in an Instagram comment. “It’s gorgeous but that’s not my body.”

The artist, 17-year-old Vladimir Serbanescu, took umbrage to Lovato’s remarks, writing on his Instagram page that “If i make your waist slimmer and your boobs bigger to accentuate the fact that i drew you as a mermaid, a mythological creature, doesn’t mean I say that you should look like that or all girls should look like that. That’s how i imagine mermaids. I worked a lot on that drawing and i was proud of it, but not anymore.”

On the one hand, Serbanescu’s remarks are accurate, in that the portrait was clearly illustrated with positive intentions (I mean, it’s damn mermaid, after all). However, it is likely disheartening to look at an example of physical beauty (even beauty that is inspired by your own) and not really see an accurate representation of yourself.

Can’t mermaids, as mythological creatures, come in literally all shapes and sizes, since we’re making them up anyway?

I don’t know, guys. All I’m saying is: Demi Lovato has issued some fightin’ words against Taylor Swift, while also critiquing some sexualized mermaid fan art of herself. She’s had a busy couple of days.

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