19 Deep Thoughts That May Just Ruin ‘Harry Potter’ For You

Calling all Harry Potter nerds! Let us first say that you are among the best people in the world, secondly you may want to prepare yourself for some serious mind fuckery. Though the wondrous wizarding world is full of magical powers, mystical creatures, and our favorite witches and wizards, it’s far from perfect.

So, it’s natural that readers like ourselves would have some questions or theories if you will, about the goings on in the day-to-day life of these wizards. Fortunately, Reddit has created an outlet for such thoughts as these and they will seriously blow your mind and maybe also shatter your seemingly perfect Harry Potter world. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

1. “The worst way to break up with a Harry Potter fan would be to give them a sock.” – Triforceman555.

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“Gifs are just normal pictures in the Harry Potter Universe.” – hoosierpride1


“In Harry Potter’s world, people would use polyjuice potion to satisfy all kinds of sexual fantasies.” – odel555q


“If Busta Rhymes was a wizard battling in the world of Harry Potter, he would take out all the bad guys before they could finish the first syllable of their spells.” – madeyouangry

5. “In all seven books, Harry Potter only bathes once.” – Kate_is_here



“In the Harry Potter universe, Jesus was a magician who broke the law against showing magic to muggles.” – crabbop


“If Voldemort really wanted to kill harry potter the night the spell didn’t work on him he could’ve just picked him up and thrown him out a window given the fact that he was a one year old infant.” – missinganthropy


“Harry Potter is the ultimate example of someone that ‘peaked in high school.” – TimLoz

9. “Masturbating to pictures in the Harry Potter universe would be extremely uncomfortable for the people in the pictures.” – CaptainDarkstar42

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“In the Harry Potter world, why is there no magic spell to correct his vision?” – anoelr1963


“In the first Harry Potter, Ron’s attempt to change Scabber’s colour didn’t work because he’s not a real rat.” – TheCaptainCog


“In 40 years when they remake the Harry Potter movies Daniel Radcliffe will probably play a minor character and children won’t believe you when you say that he was Harry Potter once.” – Pengqiao

13. “Harry Potter is actually kind of an asshole. He’s not very good at magic, and he’s constantly relying on his friends to do his research for him and bail him out so he can take all the credit.” – Trauma_Queen1



“In Harry Potter, a wizard with a speech impediment could accidentally kill you at any time.” – DragonyFire


“What if Harry Potter was dreaming for seven years because he ran headfirst into a wall at a train station?” – romeodiienno


“The Room of Requirement in Harry Potter was probably used for sex. A LOT.” – bin161


“Seeing as it was his mother’s love that saved Harry Potter, that has to be a big slap in the face to all the other people killed by Voldemort.” – Mothman405


“Harry Potter named his kids like some geek who is obsessed with Harry Potter.” – adeebchowdhury

19. “Whenever I think I made a bad choice, I remember the number of publishing companies that said no to Harry Potter.” – TinySassQueen



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