We Went To A Real-Life Luke’s Diner And It Was Everything We Could’ve Hoped For

We are a little over a month away from the Gilmore Girls revival, a MONTH. Let that sink in for a second. It seems like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for the return of our favorite mother-daughter duo, but thankfully we don’t have much longer. In anticipation of this groundbreaking event, all sorts of Gilmore-related news has been released. First, it was the Stars Hollow subscription boxes then, the real-life Stars Hollow festival (squeal). Not to mention, the release of the very first page in the revival script.

Just when we thought our hearts couldn’t take anymore excitement, Netflix decided to bring pop-up Luke’s Diners to fans like us in every state. So, naturally we had to go check out the hype and scream like the obsessed fans we are. Let’s just say the mile-long line was totally worth the wait.

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We rushed to our closest Luke’s pop-up diner to get our very own cup of coffee. Needless to say, we weren’t the only ones.


The line may have been a mile long, but we weren’t going to miss this.

We finally made it through the doors and spotted the Luke’s sign.

we went to lukes diner and it was everything we couldve hoped for 21 We Went To A Real Life Lukes Diner And It Was Everything We Couldve Hoped For

I know what you’re thinking and yes, this is real life.

One of the employees even got into Luke character.


Is it weird that we’re attracted to this dressed up Luke?

Then we found the real Luke and his list of rules.


Of course, the rules were updated for us.


Texting while ordering

Man Buns (lol)

Taking pictures of food


If I can hear your music through your headphones, why are you wearing headphones?

Oh Luke, you haven’t changed one bit.

Finally, we got our very own Luke’s coffee and it was beautiful.


Just look at it, LOOK at it!

And there was a Lorelai quote on the back!


“Everything in my life has something to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee.”

The quote comes from the revival Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life and lord knows, we’ll be endlessly repeating it in no time.

There was also a hidden Snap code behind the sleeve with more Gilmore goodness.


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berry snap 7 720 We Went To A Real Life Lukes Diner And It Was Everything We Couldve Hoped For

Now we have our Luke’s coffee and all we need is for it to be November 25th!


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