12 Women Confess Their Wildest Outdoor Sex Experiences

An exhibitionist by definition is someone who acts in an extravagant way in order to attract attention. (Um, every 24-year-old at a bar on a Saturday night, no?) While having sex outdoors doesn’t necessarily fall into the category of exhibitionism, it’s definitely something outside of the norm of society. (I mean, you can get in arrested for it!)

But the thing is that uninhibited outdoor sex can be ridiculously freeing. Not giving two shits about who sees you—or hoping that someone does—is a major turn-on for many and a fantasy for most.

Here, women share the details about their sexiest outdoor play.

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1. A hike turned into one of the most romantic and exhilarating experiences ever.

“I was out for a hike with my boyfriend deep in the red rocks of Sedona. He came out to meet me after I’d finished my work trip. I can remember every detail of that afternoon. It was hot, but not the type of heat where you can’t breathe. The sun was shining down on us, almost lighting the path as we kept making our way up. I thought there was no way I’d make it to the top. My boyfriend kept encouraging me, handing me water, holding my hand—anything for us to both make it. When we finally did, there was such an awesome view, it was breathtaking. We looked at each other and it was almost as if our endorphins kicked into overdrive. We started seriously going at it. I mean, hot—pun intended—and heavy. We were alone there up at the top, but there could have easily been someone who also ‘made it’ up there and stood there watching. I think we were so lost in one another that we wouldn’t have noticed anyway. Seriously one of the most romantic, exhilarating experiences sexually that I’ve ever had.” — Patricia, 29

2. Before I knew it, we were having sex in the back seat…and got caught in the act.

“I’d say I’m a pretty conservative girl, so any kind of sex outside of my bedroom is already considered wild as far as I’m concerned. My boyfriend and I went to a drive-in movie that had some sexual content. It turned both of us on, and before I knew it we were having sex in the back seat like it was 1965. All of a sudden, we hear a knock on the window, and it was a security guard that worked there. I was absolutely mortified. He told my boyfriend that we’re not allowed to engage in these kind of activities here and asked us to leave.” —Samantha, 27

3. We went to a back exit in a movie theater.

“Snuck off to the bathroom in the middle of a movie. Almost got caught cause some people came in to clean. They left for a minute and we scooted out of there quick. Went to a back exit into an area I don’t even think we were supposed to be in. Fucked on the floor, and then, couldn’t get back into the theater, cuz the door locked, so we traveled on a freight elevator trying to figure out where the fuck to go. Ended up in a mall. Could have gone so much worse than it did, but was fucking awesome, since I didn’t get caught.” — Lopkin, Reddit

4. This random encounter had me feeling like Samantha Jones.

“It’s a scene straight out of Sex and the City, and I’m Samantha. I was out for a jog in Central Park when I literally bumped into a gorgeous man who was doing the same. Our collide had me fall back, and I sort of hit the side of my head. He kneeled down to my side to see if I was OK, and I told him I thought I was. He asked me if I wanted to keep running with him. I did. I learned a little bit about him: single, worked in finance, and lived not too far from me. How he was single, I have no idea. He seemed like the perfect package, but then again, they all do. We stopped running and sat down on a bench to talk a bit more. Then, he asked me if I wanted to ‘go somewhere,’ and I said sure. Turned out his ‘somewhere’ was in a patch of grass hidden by some bushes. He started kissing me and hugging me, and it was really intimate and romantic. We didn’t have sex or anything—I am a lady, after all—but we did end up dating for a couple of weeks.” — Stacy, 32

5. We got on the hood of our crappy little car…

“I live in Texas. Me and the old boyfriend drove out to the middle of nowhere, where you can see every star in the sky. Got on the hood of our crappy little car and went at it. I had a mind-boggling orgasm while looking up at that beautiful Texas sky. Ahhh.” — JudithPriest, Reddit

6. It was 2 a.m. on our high school football field.

“Throwback to when I was a senior in high school. My boyfriend at the time took me to the football field and had his way with me right there in the middle. It was 2 a.m., and I remember the feeling of rebellion being better than the sex itself.” — Maria, 24

7. It felt so trashy but so hot.

“We were out at a club and we did it in the parking lot. I was in a leather skirt and high heels. With me pressed against a concrete pillar, he just hitched the skirt up, went down on me for a bit, and then fucked me hard. It felt so trashy but so hot.” — jkaska, Reddit

8. People driving by on the street was the riskiest part…

“My favorite experience to date was a blow job and fucking on the steps in front of my house. They’re slightly shielded from the road by a small wall, but standing diagonal to it, you could see the whole thing. We also live up on a hill and were overlooking the entire valley below us in a fairly busy area. People may have seen, but they would have all been too far away to do anything about it, or really clearly make out what they were seeing. People driving by on the street was the riskiest part. Almost got caught a few times, but boy was the rush worth it.” — kittysub, Reddit

9. It was the best sex of my life.

“I was working a flea market stand that my parents owned in Yonkers one day when it was a really hot summer. My brother was coming at 3 p.m. to relieve me. At around 2:30, this hot guy came to the stand and feigned interest in the bullshit we were selling. I told him I could tell he had no real interest in the products and to get down to the real reason he was there. He straight up said to me: “OK, I want to fuck you in my pickup truck.” I stood there stunned. I asked where he was parked, and as soon as my brother came, I went to go meet this mystery man. To date, best sex of my life.” — Carly, 26

10. When in Rome…

“I was studying abroad in Italy during my senior year of college. My boyfriend, who was actually from another school, joined me on the abroad program. It was awesome. There were plenty of opportunities for uninhibited and amazing sex all over the country. But the best place we did it was during a weekend trip to Rome. We got home really late from a night out and had sex during sunrise on the hotel balcony. I’m pretty sure there were people watching us from across the way, which made it even hotter.” — Marcia, 34

11. One of us will go into the fitting room to “look at clothes.” But there are none.

“We’ve fucked in several fitting rooms. One of us will go in to ‘look at the clothes,’ and then there will be no clothes at all. One time, right in the middle of things, a saleswoman knocked on the door and ask if everything was OK. That was probably the closest we’ve ever come to being caught.” — LaDiDaLady, Reddit

12. I wouldn’t say we didn’t have an orgy while camping.

“After college, a group of us when camping in upstate New York. It was the single most ridiculous experiences of my life. There were an equal number of guys and girls, and we’ve all been friends for so long. Sex with friends tends to become something that is ‘really comfortable’ once you’re really drunk and really high. I wouldn’t say we had an orgy right there in the woods, but I also wouldn’t say we didn’t.” — Tracy, 28

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