13 One-Hit Wonders That Will Hit You Right In The 2000s

The early 00’s were a solid time for music, but not an easy time for all musicians. Though I’m sure making it in the music biz is never a walk in the park, it seems like this era in particular was chock full of one-hit wonders.

In fact, some of our all time favorite throwback tracks are one-off’s from artist’s who never really saw the light of day outside of those select chart-toppers. I mean, how can you really listen to the likes Vitamin C or Howie Day without singing along and reminiscing about the old days?

1. Vitamin C – “Graduation”

We know you remember Vitamin C. This song was literally every high school’s senior anthem in the early 2000s. So much nostalgia.

2. Fountains Of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom”

Who’s got it going on? Stacy’s mom does. Pretty sure everyone and their mom (hah) still knows the words to this song. God, wouldn’t it suck to be Stacy?

3. Dream – “He Loves You Not”

Most people don’t know the group Dream just by hearing their name, but as soon as the song starts it’s impossible not to remember this sassy girl squad.

4. Nine Days – “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)”

Every teen girl in the 2000s has heard and probably sung this song a million and one times. Yet, we still can’t get enough of it. This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world…

5. The Calling – “Wherever You Will Go”

For the longest time, I thought this song was actually sung by Hinder, but alas The Calling was another one-hit wonder band made popular by a lovesick track. I wouldn’t be surprised if some alt. rock stations still have this in rotation.

6. DJ Sammy Feat Yanou & Do 2002 – “Heaven”

Though the original lyrics featured in this song were borrowed from Bryan Adams, this version flooded radio stations everywhere back in the 2000s. Does anyone know who DJ Sammy is? Yeah, didn’t think so.

7. Hinder – “Lips Of An Angel”

Tbh, I’d be perfectly content never hearing this song again. No offense to Hinder, but it was beat to death on every radio station. Not to mention, they sound like Nickelback and I just can’t deal with that.

8. Crazy Town – “Butterfly”

Come my lady, come come my lady…Anyone who says they don’t remember this song is a dirty liar. Okay, not really, but how could you not? What in the actual fuck happened to these guys though?

9. Baha Men – “Who Let The Dogs Out”

Oh the Baha Men, what are they doing now? Did they ever find out who let the dogs out? (sorry, had to) But, really I wonder what these guys are up to nowadays.

10. Fort Minor – “Where’d You Go”

While I’ve heard this song more times than I can count, I’ve only seen the music video on a handful of occasions and it never fails to hit me in the feels.

11. Howie Day – “Collide”

Tbh, this is my favorite song on our list of one-hit wonders. It’s just so good, WHERE is Howie Day? Can he make a comeback please? Or just randomly show up playing this song, that would be magical.

12. DHT ft. Edmee – “Listen To Your Heart”

This is 100% one of those songs that we listened to as emotional teens after our first break up. You know, when it felt like our lives were ending and we’d never find anyone else. The drama, jesus.

13. Tal Bachman – “She’s So High”

She’s so hiiiiiiiiigh…we had to end on this one because it’s just impossible not to smile when you hear it. Although, the angel wings are a bit on the creepy side, imho.

Check out the full playlist here:

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